I'm an illustrator/artist/graphic designer/educator. Aside from this, I also have an interest in HTML/CSS coding, pixel art and minor .gif animations, reading historical non-fiction, trying my hand at the occasional expensive otome game, listening to a little K-POP, playing the most grindiest video-games I can find and writing non-fiction.

My very most favourite video-games of all time are Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Harvest Moon/Rune Factory series, although I also have a great love for the Paper Mario series, classic Spyro series, Fantasy Life, Stardew Valley and Ever Oasis.

I've been on Gaia for about 10 years now I believe, 8 of which I was also studying at university. I've just finished my illustration thesis, marking the end of my third degree. Please send good vibes for my future, I'm going to need it, I'm severely lost. I used to do a looot of pixel icon commissions but I'm not longer willing to do any work for virtual payment so I can no longer offer those services.