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Gender: Female

Occupation: Art Museum Security Officer/ Artist

Wisdom in Rythem

Trinkets I Obtain At Work

I have been working for a salvage/ demolition team/ small family business since November 2015. Since I have been working with this team, I have had the privilege to obtain and gather my own personal collection of items/ materials from the different locations I've had the pleasure of taking apart. So let the Hoarding begin!!!!

***A cassette tape of the Chorals of the Russian Church (November 2015); this was my very first piece of treasure. Image taken with iPhone 4.
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***A pair of Tooth Extraction Pliers (December 2015); My co-worker gave these to me for some reason just before we clocked out. The thing is, I find anything that has to due with pulling teeth just disgusting...I mean, I gag just thinking about when my own baby teeth were loose!!! Image taken with iPhone 4.
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***Slate Roofing (December 2015); I'm going to make some art from these in the near future.

+Unfortunately, has screwed with my images because I have been sharing with a 3rd party site. If anyone has information on how to fix that without having to purchase anything, that would be amazing and very kind of you!

***One of the houses I helped salvage and demolish.
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Background Image

Current background image:

*July 3, 2017; Taken in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France with Nikon D3100. Color/ Tint edit with Polarr photoshop.

Père Lachaise was my "wonderland". Despite the raging heatwave in France, I was happy to be (somewhat) cooled off by the shadows of the cemetery. I could have been there all freaking day and back for more. There was just too much to see in such little time.

Funny how my husbands and I didn't realize that the day we went, it was the anniversary of Jim Morrison's death. I'm not a huge fan of The Doors, but there were quite a few people who we saw sitting and singing beside his gravesite along with a few police officers. I remember clearly that day, during closing hours (which is around 6 PM or 1800), I was stopped by a fellow traveler who wanted to interview either me or my husband about why people, or we, like to travel. I wonder when that interview or film or whatever he is making will be in my email some day this year.

Married May 28,2016

Married my best friend on May 28,2016. We were married in the Art Gallery where we first met and started working together back in 2011. The ceremony and reception was splendid! The afternoon just flew by and before we knew it, we were off to take photos out in the woods. Once we got to our final destination, we were hit with some rain showers! Apparently, rain on a wedding day is good luck for a strong everlasting bond.

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I am now wearing my Grandmother's wedding bands from (1955). I wish she were there to witness the day in the flesh...I know for sure that she was there in spirit. Short story about her rings - my grandfather let her pick out what she wanted, and so she chose this beautiful set.
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Mischa Robespierre

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I haven't been as up-to-date with my profile since I have failed to post a photo of my current baby, Mischa Robespierre. Or I typically call him, "Mimi", "Bups" (don't ask), and "Totoro".

BEHIND the NAME: Technically he is Mischa III, my mom had two before him and the name was from the 80's Russian Olympic Mascot - Mischa the Bear. I added in Robespierre because we discovered his French roots and since he has a "blue" tinge in his coat and his spunky attitude (At the time), he reminded me of the blue kitten, Robespierre, in the 1960's animated film Gay Purr-ee. Also, I really wanted him to be named Totoro...but no one wanted it but it's his nickname.

The image on the left was when I first met him and the image on the right is him currently...all 15 pounds of him. He was literally the size of his head when he came into my home. We also know that his breed is indeed a Chartreux mix. Heavy on the Chartreux genes. He is very smart and likes to help me put jigsaw puzzles together, paint, draw, and open cabinets. Mischa loves classical music and smooth jazz, along with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin-like jazz singers. He also prefers the scent of mint over catnip. Forgot to mention that he is so freakin' soft!

Here is his story;
My mom found him way home from work in August of 2014. She said the poor thing just tumbled from out of nowhere in the middle of a traffic stop. He crawled up inside a near by vehicle’s tire. My mom, attempting to get the driver to pay attention to her as she flashed her car lights and waved her arms telling them not to move forward. It was a struggle to get him out from the stranger's tire between the both of them. Not far into their attempts at reaching the poor kitten, a man with a pickup came by and helped retrieve him. Once he was in his hands, out of nowhere my mom quickly spat out, “if you don’t want him I’ll take him!” After coming home with Mischa, he didn’t have a name right then, my mom tried to call me. However, I was busy cooking dinner and couldn’t talk for long. Out of breath she tells me she has a small grey kitten and she didn’t know whether to keep him or not. That decision didn’t take long...we agreed upon keeping him. During the weekend I came home to see the new kitten. He was so full of energy and still a bit startled. Most likely due to a number of things; being tossed onto the road and a new place with other animals. My mom came home from work and we sit and talk about her experience finding him.

She literally said it was like he time traveled, he just appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a four way intersection. I start thinking about the story and I responded with, “I think he could of possibly been tossed out of a vehicle.” Of course my mom was in disbelief and as much as I wish that weren’t true, I have a gut feeling that, that’s what happened to him. This world is so cruel in many ways and even the smallest of actions (good or bad) always takes the cake.

About Classy Clarinet

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(Yes, the photo above is a photo of me, taken by me)

*As of Summer of 2015: Graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies! My background includes hours in the fields of; Geography, Art, History (mainly American History), Political Science, and Philosophy.

*I was recently hired as a Security Officer at an Art Museum. I was given this position because of my background knowledge of the Arts and Law as well as having experience with both fields.

*I was engaged to my fiance since June 9, 2014.

*Marriage date is set: May 28, 2016 - Location: art gallery where we first began working (and first met) on September 11, 2011.

*I am a very complex individual. I enjoy expanding my knowledge of the world, thus my choice to the degree I received Summer 2015.

*I also work on my own visual artistic abilities on the side as a hobby.

*I worked for my college's Art Gallery for 4.5 years (Fall of 2011 - Summer of 2015) as a Gallery Monitor. Duties included; basic housekeeping, monitoring gallery spaces and front desk, unpacking/ packing and hanging art pieces, working in storage, using basic hardware tools and supplies, painting the walls after patching them and sanding, and attending all art openings (business casual dress). I was also fortunate to attend 3 Arts Galas (black-tie/ Red Carpet affair) for free.

*I thrive in the arms of mother nature and her wonders.

*I love poetry of all kinds.

*I was part of my high school marching band for 6 years (thus the name), however, I did much more than just march clarinet. (Drum Major 2 years, solo dancer in red sophomore year, horn sergeant 2 years).

*Exploring abandoned buildings is a passion I have and hopefully will make a career of such exploration.

*I have worked for a Demolition family business since November 2015-April 2016. We salvaged from and (occasionally) restore old houses. I have been able to keep some items from each work site. This business is slow, in this case, I am in and out of work with this job. Nonetheless, it is an amazing job with a great crew.

*September 2014-2015: I volunteered at a historical society. I work in the historic and abandoned building archives. (As of May - July 2015 I was an intern helping with inventory...since graduation, I'm still currently helping with inventory as a volunteer once again).

***If you want to know me more, just feel free to comment. REMEMBER: LEAVE APPROPRIATE COMMENTS, CYBERBULLYING IS NOT TOLERATED!

*We are all entitled to our opinions, just be respectful and know the difference between an opinion and a fact. If you can't find the "middle ground" or find some way to compromise or just leave the conversation altogether.


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cyberqueer Report | 11/19/2017 8:57 pm
thanks!! i hope so too. thank you also for the offer to PM you, i appreciate it heart

good luck getting full-time! i hope they're not overworking you too much as a part-timer though.
i'm sorry for the super late reply, as i see what you wrote me was somewhat timely in nature. how are things with your husband now? did you ever get to talk about or resolve that issue, or is it still up in the air?
cyberqueer Report | 09/25/2017 9:29 pm
it's no problem! i'm sorry to hear that things have been rough with your depression and that you've been doing a lot of work lately. do you feel like the work has been helping or worsening your depression?

i've been doing alright. i don't remember what i've talked about with you last time we spoke but a lot has changed for me -- my previous partner and i broke up, then i started dating someone about a year ago and we got engaged over the summer!! i graduated from community college with an A.A. in Psychology, and i'm currently out of school and looking for work. i'm planning on saving up money and relocating to live with my fiance and go back to school there, since we're long distance right now. i've been having a lot of mental health issues for reasons i would prefer not to go into in comments, but i can PM you about it if you'd like. but that's what's new with me!
cyberqueer Report | 09/19/2017 10:11 pm
hey, how u been?
Sup3r_Bwahaha Report | 06/05/2017 6:20 pm
I like your username.
jellykans Report | 05/27/2017 8:15 pm
Have a good vacation!
brcien Report | 05/24/2017 6:43 pm
I accidentally clicked on your profile and was pleasantly surprised. Cute setup, adorable relationship, relaxed imagery, and a song from one of my favorite movies!
Sorril Report | 03/17/2017 5:06 pm
Hey Mrs. Ohio!
Did you say I have a life outside of Gaia? stressed I wish! Lol, aside from my zoo/job hunting/exercise, I got nothing going on!
Glad to hear you didn't get a lot of snow! I ended up with 2 feet of that crap on Wednesday (living in New England).
People with Peach Trees in my area lit big fires in metal barrels in an attempt to keep the trees warm. Really? A few metal barrels to keep an entire orchard warm? No way! rolleyes

Sorril Report | 03/15/2017 2:40 am
Hey Mrs. Clarinet! Hope you had a good day yesterday. I got 2 feet of snow! Had my gf home yesterday and went to sleep early so I didn't get any Gaia time.
Sorril Report | 03/13/2017 7:16 pm
Snail Whooooo! I have no idea what watercolor pencils are: so I can't say good/bad on the drawing! I find it interesting you picked a snail as your choice!
Yes, I think a lot too. Some people have a brain full of bees, I have a brain full of angry killer bees. I can't stand when people deliberately tell me a lie, it is like kicking the hive lol.

Yeah grab that clarinet and play something! I feel bad that after 4 years of piano I can't play anything anymore (totally forgot) yet I can type 200wpm on a keyboard...

I'm calling it a night! I'll catch ya tomorrow (if you are on!).

Have a Good Night! Great to meet you Mrs. Clarinet! whee

Sorril Report | 03/13/2017 6:47 pm
Ahhh I see, stress gets to you more than normal.
I never ate lunch in high school. I didn't like being around other people I did not like. It was half protest/half nerves (death threats and whatnot lol).
That is too bad that you can't show your art. What if you are awesome and I can't tell you? What if you are terrible and I can't tell you? gonk
If I was you I would have a video of myself playing the Clarinet on my profile page too!

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Grass Shoes

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9/12/14 - Grass shoes I grew at work because of artist Gene Pool and his idea on creating grass suits. Through his mind and imagination, this project wouldn't have been possible. Thank you.


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