My name is Lea/Clara/Cara/Bei, This is my Role Playing Account - Clara Sunaro. I love to roleplay; mainly as Death Note; Naruto; Vampire Stories [NOT TWILIGHT. XD], Yaoi, Love Stories, Fantasy Fiction is fun too :3

I'm a teen and live in the UK. I love random Buddy Adds, so feel free; I like meeting new people. I like to have fun; parties, spazzing out with friends, going somewhere different. I like travelling a lot and i have been travelling since i was little with my parents. I'm an only child, and i get bored easily XD

I'm always up for a laugh, i never take things seriously online - so no worries - I like to be busy, i love Avi Art; Chocolate, Icecream, YAOI, Peanut Butter, Bright Color's, Exotic foods, Unique Fashions, Suprises, Interesting places or activities ((Yes, i have seen 'the worlds dumbest...' TV program. Funny Shat. 8D)), I swear a lot ((But have been convering it up with A's and other vowels, like above. ;D)) I like to try new things and i love Anime, but im pretty picky on the sort of anime style used. On the outside, i s'pose i seem rather shy sometimes IRL ((In real life)). But, underneath Im a pretty wacked up person. Perviness, Spazzes, Freaking out, Laughing too hard, Making a fool of myself, Im not afraid to cry..Its all there 8D

So, Add Meh! ((Yeah, i do make up my own words. Although, Please type properly. Not 'u' Its 'You' XDDD Just a heads up, its annoying. Feel free to spaz and make up your own words, but just..type literally. o_o)) I believe that we live life only to enjoy ourselves. I dont believe in spirits, Ghosts, Shat like that Etc. ((Although its fun to pretend :3)) Once your Dead: your Dead. So live life laughing and loving. 8DDD

Anyyyywaaaaayyyy ~ List Time! List! List!

I <3 Noodles
I <3 Music
I <3 Love Songs
I <3 Staying up all Night on MSN
I <3 Roleplaying
I <3 Icecream (Mint Choc Chip is to DIE FOR.)
I <3 Smileys X3 XD XO XP XB XS XI
I <3 Webcam
I <3

I <3 Anime
I <3 Candy
I <3 Chocolate (MORZ! MORZ! RAWWWRRR..-Cough- Lolwhut?)
I <3 Emo Songs
I <3 Dancing
I <3 SleepOvers
I <3 Movies
I <3 You more if you Donate 8D
I <3 Random Add's
I <3 Random Comments! WOOT! Gold! XD
I <3 Black o_o;;
I <3 Photography
I <3 Writing
I <3 Scented Candles!
I <3 Shopping X3
I <3 Knee - High Socks! Sexaaay or what?
I <3 Polls = POLLWHORE. 8D
I <3 Windy Days
I <3 Being on top of hills on windy days!
I <3 Bacon
I <3 Eggs
I <3 Bacon AND Eggs for Brekky! 8D (Gwarr! You Greedy Berk!)
I <3 Cuddling
I <3 Awesome Hair Colors
I <3 Pink!
I <3 Cats & Dogs
I <3 Random-nessnessy
I <3 Books
I <3 Black and White photos and Shat, Thay arr da Sex :3
I <3 Walks in the Park (Awww.)
I <3 Holding Hands with someone special :3
I <3 Singing
I <3 Posing razz
I <3 Unique-nessnessy.
I<3 Love. 8D
I <3 Fashion
I <3 Funky Colored Tights / Stockings.
I <3 Birthday Suits! (YAY! Wait. What?! Hahhaa, Joking... o_o;; -BlinkBlink-)
I <3 People that try to be different
I <3 Brunch Bars
I <3 Dark Eyes
I <3 Hair Dyes! (-SQUEE- IT RHYMES!)
I <3 Wacky Hair-Dos'!
I <3 My Friends to bits!
I <3 Sunshine
I <3 Rain
I <3 Travelling
I <3 Giant HandBags
I <3 Spazzing
I <3 Raves
I <3 Make-Up
I <3 Emo's with Shattardelly sexaay Hair
I <3 Messing about 8D
I <3 Yooouuu !
I <3 Meeee!


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Clara's Ramblings <3

Mai journal. Feel free to read it. I'll try and fill it with Stories, Ramblings, Spazz Moments, Song Lyrics, RP's, Updates ... Whatever: Shat. You know, Its a Journal. Durr. &lt;3



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:'D no problemmm

Report | 12/21/2009 2:19 pm


im finished!
sorry for the unnecessarily large size ;A;
click here to claim your art


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no problem.


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i..i have?
/checks thread.
so i have. :'D


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kso in total that'll be 3.5k.
err yeah i get more than that but that's ok because my skills are lame orz
offer accepted :B
just how small is that appul.


Report | 12/21/2009 11:37 am


feel free to offer :'D

Report | 12/21/2009 11:24 am


/le bow
thank you ;u;

sure, why not :'D
art or profiles?
and and.
would you prefer your OC or your avi?


Report | 12/12/2009 6:25 am


YOu always have the coolest hair styles, and I'm always tempted to copy. <3 sad

Report | 11/11/2009 10:02 pm


Thx for the buy -^_^-


I'd Love If You Would Draw Me~? <3