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The Great Big Book Of Everything (TGBBOE)

this has everything and anything it of what i do and i am and like to do


Harper's Island: One By One

A group of friends celebrating the wedding of two friends visit Harper's Island where seven years prior to their visit, murders occured. Although they disregard it, they will soon learn old memories can haunt you in the end as one by one they are killed off and try to figure out who the killer is amongst them. One by one they die in gruesome ways and you can be apart of who lives and dies.
It's easy al lyou have to do is pm me telling who you think will live, die, and be the killers. If one of your characters happenedto live, you get 10,000 gold. if they die then it is game over. Every week for 13 weeks at least one will die and in the end. Good luck and let us hope that this isn't your last trip!
I cannot give away everything all at once because then some thigns will be revealed. Just to clarify things when you create your list of survivors, those killed, and killers, all characters must be included!!!!
1. Abby Mills- The Good Girl
2. Henry Dunn-The Groom
3. Patricia "Trish" Wellington- The Bride
4. Chloe Carter- The Flirt
5. Cal Vandeusen- The Outsider
6. Jimmy Mance-The Old Flame
7. Sheriff Charlie Mills- The Sheriff
8. Thomas Wellington- The Father of The Bride
9. J.D. Dunn-The Black Sheep
10.Christopher "Sully" Sullivan-The Best Man
11.Marty Dunn- The Uncle
12.Hunter Jennings- The Other Man
13.Shea Allen- The Maid of Honor
14.Richard Allen- The Brother-in-Law
15.Madison Allen- The Flower Girl
16.Katherine Wellington- The Stepmother
17.Danny Brooks- The College Buddy
18.Malcolm Ross- The Hustler
19.Joel Booth- The Nerd
20.Beth Barrington- The Single Girl
21.Lucy Daramour- The Socialite
22.Shane Pierce- The Townie
23.Kelly Seaver- The Outcast
24.Nikki Bolton- The Biker Chick
25.Maggie Krell- The Wedding Planner
26.John Wakefield- The Legend
This is a link to no mroe about the characters and just look at the character's information and decide who would like to live, die, and be the killer(s)
For further questions, please pm labeled Harper's Island profile!!!!

What are you like?

i enjoy acting, writng, another things as well.
I like to make friends and hang out with them.
i like the entertainment business a lot. theres
a lot more to me than you think. im very creative
and know how to define fun when i need to to.

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ozkur Report | 09/06/2012 7:36 am
Hi ya, What's happening with you these days?
Rashad TGP Report | 07/25/2012 9:43 am
Rashad TGP
How's ur Harper's Island thing going?
ozkur Report | 02/02/2012 3:44 pm
Thank you Celebrity, you're talking about this one now?
ozkur Report | 02/02/2012 3:09 pm
All do at one time or another. Goes with the territory, right?
ozkur Report | 02/02/2012 2:47 pm
That's fantastic, I'm happy for you. Now just don't get distracted and stop. Stay focused and if that is a goal. Go For It~ emotion_dowant
ozkur Report | 02/01/2012 7:08 pm
WoW, that's cool. You have a plan then. Nice!
ozkur Report | 02/01/2012 6:01 pm
How many do you expect to have Celebrity? surprised
Maybe It could be a movie someday, ya think? emotion_awesome
ozkur Report | 02/01/2012 3:41 pm
Not so much any more, I used to read a lot of Stephen King, Koontz, and that was a long time ago. But, I figured you need more critics right? lol
ozkur Report | 02/01/2012 3:32 pm
surprised , that would be a sweet surprise. heart
ozkur Report | 01/31/2012 3:46 pm
Yes I saw that, might have to go check out your story sometime. emotion_awesome


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Week one:WHAP!

Everyone gathers on the ferry to Harper's Island for the wedding of Henry Dunn and Trish Wellington. Trish's cousin Ben Wellington is still unaccounted for, but they decide to cast off anyway and as the engine starts, we see that he's been tied to the drive shaft with a regulator, and goes head first into the propeller. WHAP! Unbeknownst to the party on board the voyage continues as Henry and his best friend growing up, Abby Mills discuss her apprehension about returning to Harper's Island. Her mother was one of the victims John Wakefield murdered seven years ago. Among the many guests coming to the island is Henry's Uncle Marty who is secretly travelling with a bag of $250,000 and a gun. The wedding party arrives at The Candlewick Inn, the setting for all of the festivities and Abby gets reacquainted with her surroundings. Hunter Jennings, Trish's ex boyfriend arrives to the island per Mr. Wellington’s request. They intend to break up Trish's marriage to Henry. Uncle Marty confronts Mr. Wellington about his treatment of Henry and also his plan to break up Henry and Trish's wedding. While out for a walk later in the evening, Marty gets stuck in a footbridge he's fallen through and is then cut in half. Once the evening winds down, Abby returns to her room to find a newspaper article taped to her bathroom mirror about her mother's murder at the hands of John Wakefield.