yes yes i bought gaia cash plz check my gaia cash purchase history

i support gaia with cash, oh and i spend hours on this place. wink
im one of the most active members wink
i created this account to manage in a better way my gold, thats all.

For my own safety i do not accept gifts from no one
not even from my other account and i wont trasfer gold to my main account.

The purpose of this account is to see how vendors think
which i can not do with my other account since i dont use cash on that one.

in other words this is a Cash Account*

It IS of reasonable cause to ban a user if they have received items from a hacked account in the form of gifting. Whether or not you were aware of it, it is a bannable offense. This is why Gaia staff advises to keep gifting on Friends only.

Exchangers are more apt to be banned than Venders though for the pure nature of the transaction. Buying multiple items in bulk that show up as a trade not to mention the steep discounts. With vending, the fastest vender will get the deal while with exchangers it could be a planned exchange. I'm not saying exchanging is bad but if an offer seems too good to be true, ask yourself why. Tread carefully.



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Aww really? Thank you! 3nodding And yes, the spelling is right!

I don't like it so much because it's a fairly common name, and I've always liked foreign names such as Evelyn, or more unusual names!


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