Born: May 17th 1996
Plant you came from: Does the Sun count?
Nicknames: "Captain", and "Koolaid man"
(Have a Ball an a Biscuit)
Favorite thing to do on weekends: Party till my face falls off
Favorite Color: Elictric Blue
Favorite Car- 1965 Ford Mustang
Favorite Car that you could never afford: Audi 2011 R8
Who is interviewing me right now? I am,....wait who is I
best friends on Gaia- Bri5ar
Favorite Type of Computer-Mac
The Computer you have-Mac/PC
Lucky Number: -0
Why you should be my Friend:...cause im awesome
Another reason you should be my friend: im very friendly
Favorite Drink: Koolaid
Most Awesome Creature" Narwhales
Greatest Food on Earth: Mac n' Cheese
Disease you have: Diabetes
Best Friend: (you wouldnt know him)
Emote you invented: Mustache man! :{D
Fav band: Cage the elephant
Favorite TV show: Late Night Kung Fu (Fuel TV)
Pets:I have a Poodle names Lily
2nd Hobby: Eating
3rd Hobby: Xbox(Gamer Tag: KillerPancake96)
Favorite Video Game of all time: Kingdom Hearts
Favorite Movie:Transformers biggrin oTM
Current Favorite Video game: COD: Black ops
Favorite Song: O' Children-Nick Cave(look it up)
2nd Favorite Food: Shrimp
Favorite Skatpark: FDR Park Philly PA
Best Skate Tricks: Disco Flip/Tre Flip
Opinion on Longboarding:Skateing for Stoners
Other Sports:BMX
One thinng you are best at: talking my way out of a situation
Favorite TV show to make fun of:Jersy Shore biggrin
Why you love Gaia: its ******** addicting
What you Hate Most: Being cold
Pet Pev: Cold Feet
Favorite Holiday: Go Skateboarding day
Why are you doing this:......idk
Intrested in: The Females
Sex:Yes..hha jk im a male


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You dissapeared.. </3 Your never on anymore. :'o
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Xx_ Red Sharpies _xX

Umm. Just do The Same Thing To Find A Background Just Look For A Background That Flashes
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Xx_ Red Sharpies _xX

Heyyy ! Nice Profile !! biggrin

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We should! biggrin

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Hey! o: I went to your profile, obviously, but I read your "About Me" we have a lot in common! ;D
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Yellow Waffle

Thank you for buying~ hope you find it useful.
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Floral Aroma

Thanks for the purchase!