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please donate for my dream avatar!!! <3

Victoria User ImageHi Gaians!
Hey ya'll! im from California! I have dark brown hair and tanned. I'm Malties/Italian and if you hang out with me you will notice. Both sets of my Grandparents died before I was born (Even before my sister , becky, was born). I am currently doing good in skool (somewhat). My life is filled with greatness by the help of my pixie dust! It is very helpfull when u need to fly! It is only 2.99 at Wal-Mart! -lol-. I am smart and talented (again-somewhat). I play the flute in my skool band! FLUTES ROCK!!!!! But most of the time you will find me doing something. Either sleeping, dancing, talking, or txting. Don't you just hate it when people know u but u dont know them? Exactly how my life is!! I am currently not in Ballet anymore but I would love to join! FLUTES ROCK!!

I have many relatives on my friends list. My sister Becky made me go on here so I went on and i found out that this is the awesome-est website ever. But the most frequently asked questions are: Q. Do you live in CA? A.No but I did a couple of years ago. Q. Where did u get ur background on ur profile from? A. Go to http://www.tektek.org You go to profiles, pick which ever one you want, then copy and paste it in your Overdive thingy (which is Gaia Accounts) then you have it. Last question.
Q. What part of CA did you live in? A. In LA.

I am so glad you read this so I wont have so much questions. But if you have anymore Q's, I will give you the A's.!

Well thats all about me untill next time,


My Weekly Journal

Hello, and welcome to my journal. I will be writing in it every week but if I dont that means im busy with school! I plan to write about everything that is on my mind everyday and, or week and, or weekend!!!



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cool avi

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If you like this Copy and paste to 4 other profiles then press F5 for 500,000gg

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Hey whatss up?!??! funny vid.
Mitsui Hikari

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Mitsui Hikari

Your profile looks cute Vicky. =P

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y rn't u just pretty in pink User Image

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oh thank you darling User Image

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hello sharkbait! User Image

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Your avatar look awesome!! User Image Very cute!!

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Thanx kiddo

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not bad, but much harder than last year, thats for sure! im still trying to figure out how to balance it all


"Don't Dream your life of dreams, Live it"

"Someday is not a day of the week, 'nor' day of your life until someday becomes today!"

-Victoria Cordina