Hey, Im Kotie, I like in Portland OR, Im 15.
Im probably one of the oddest people you will meet (I know EVERY ONE says that, but only if you get to know me will you see my side of it.) I play Ultimate Frisbee and I love it. I go the "the refuge for the outcasts" aka trillium. Math² is one of my favorite things in the world, along with poetry. I cant even think about life with out music, and I dont want to! I dont let many people get close to me and I never talk to people about my emotions. I hate it. If I do talk to you about my emotions, you must be really important to me. I have learned over time that I can only trust myself, but im okay with it. My family is hard to explain or understand, so im not even going to try. I have the WORST spelling and grammar you may ever see in your life. I still look at the keys while i type no matter how hard I try not to.... I have been reading a lot lately and I love it.
There is so much more about me, but im not going to write everything here, so if you want to get to know me better, good luck.


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