Wow, actually interested in knowing me? Let's see. 18. Out of high school. Working at Safeway. I'm generally sweet and shy. I can be friendly, and helpful, but I'm also a loner/lurker. I can be very opinionated, and when I get into a debate, I sometimes let my temper get a hold of me. I have a disdain of immaturity and idiocy, which also causes fights to break out at times. I love anime, music, WoW, fantasy, the supernatural, reading, writing, and drawing. Hm, and various cultures, especially Japanese at the moment. Anything else you want to know, you'll have to contact me.


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Ramblings of a Wandering Mind

My mind wanders from subject to subject. Rants or views are thought of at random. Here, I'll try to write some of them down. As noted... it's likely to be ramblings and done randomly.



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Yes, I drew that.
Ramblings of a Wandering Mind