Who am I? Well, I would say that I'm an eccentric mix of alota things... In one word? Poet. I express myself through my poetry and I process the world through my poems. I can be just as silly as I want to be one moment and drop dead serious the next. I love blacksmithing...anything industrial really. like glass blowing, welding etc. I love computers too. technology is cool in general. My mom and take apart computers and other electronics just to see what makes em tick. Oh, wait wait. I LOVE music. Theres never a time when my ipod isn't in my ears, except for when i'm asleep, then it's playing on my ihome. It's like my whole existence has a soundtrack, i love all kinds of music. Rap (not the dumy rap they play on the radio, but the real stuff, ya kno, kickin it OG!), i like lotsa world music too, ALL HAIL THE BHANGRA REVOLUTION!

But ya. to sum it up i guess i'm a...poem writing blacksmith who likes technology and bhangra music.


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sweet im on your freinds thingy