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Report | 11/18/2022 6:50 pm

Lofty Ambition

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Report | 07/07/2022 7:44 am

Corvis Cross

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Report | 08/21/2018 10:53 am

why bother tho

where have you been? crying
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Report | 01/14/2017 6:11 pm

ethnic c1eanser

heart hail jesus, fxck nggers heart
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Report | 03/28/2016 8:28 pm


Comment section is lit, LOOOL. dramallama
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Report | 02/04/2016 3:19 am

ethnic c1eanser

look, the point is, there is no god, or satan
you'll find out before you die
and if god does exist somehow he loves western countries more than any other
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Report | 04/17/2015 12:51 am

ethnic c1eanser

Please. There are so many different types of jesus lmao
Plus if we take in the religious Adam & Eve stage, I guess we are all inbreds, right? There is no heaven or hell. No god, no satan. Religion is a seed of war and a reason for the weak and narrow minded to blame their failures.
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Report | 01/21/2015 10:35 pm

ethnic c1eanser

hail satan, our dark lord
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Report | 12/11/2014 12:12 pm


well i wont argue with that lol
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Report | 11/22/2014 6:18 am


are we friends?
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Report | 11/21/2014 5:10 pm


I know. biggrin
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Report | 11/07/2014 12:33 am

Cuddly Foxxii

Even though I'm not of the Christian, I have to agree with MarvelFan123, If you're going to bring you religion into gaia, at least act like it, and normally I'd get really annoyed at people like oyu but seriously, you should start acting like you love Jesus, for you being a Christian, you should stay with your religion and praise it if you're going to try to spread it across Gaia (good luck doing that by the way) At least try to act like it, well that was my rant, have a nice day. (And don't try to like "give me Jesus" or whatever, it won't work)
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Report | 11/03/2014 10:04 am


Why are you always dressed like a girl when you are a boy. I'm not offended like if you are gay, but if you are dressing like a girl your avatar if you wanna look like that.

Also. I am a Christian too. But you act like a gay troll, no offence. I know people should not say no offence cuz i'm offending you, but seriously. When ever I talk you say the same verse, and condemn everyone. It's kinda sick, and wrong. You don't have any real friends, and everyone is mean to you cuz you dress like this, and act really mean and judgmental to people who don't know the Lord. That is not how you bring people to Christ.

And don't call me pretty bot plz it's creepy and you said you loved me when we don't even talk. I try to cuz I total agree with you 100% Most of the freaking time. But you JUST DON'T TALK!!!! Everyone calls you a troll and a gay. If you dont want that impression start being a good person and act like you are a christian or no one will want to be your friend. YOU are annoying, rude, and no body likes a christian who acts like that. Noo ne will want to follow Jesus. SO START A!CTING LIKE YOU ARE JESUS LUVER!!
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Report | 09/23/2014 4:09 pm


Well then
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Report | 09/22/2014 4:58 pm

Divine Darkness 24

your welcome
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Report | 09/21/2014 7:12 pm

Divine Darkness 24

biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin yes I believe in God and he did die for our sins.
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Report | 09/17/2014 8:27 pm

Doom Asia

heart verse John 3:16 heart True
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Report | 08/03/2014 7:21 pm


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Report | 08/03/2014 2:17 pm


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Report | 07/12/2014 7:12 pm


RP means roleplay

For instance, an action is showed with asterisks (*)

And speech is shown with quotation marks. (" wink

Its fun once you get into it.
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