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Registered: 12/16/2005

Gender: Female

Location: Ohio

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About Me

Hello Gaia. My name is Amber.

I'm an artist living in Ohio.

I would really like to thank those of you who I've spent time talking to and getting to know over this strange Gaia "renaissance" I've been having for the past couple of years. 2020 did a number on me, and likely would have done worse if not for places like this where I was able to talk to people, etc. So thank you.

If you want to talk to me outside of Gaia, feel free to send me a message, but I likely won't be spending as much time here as I have been since my life is picking back up again and unfortunately, it leaves me with less time to spend playing dress up online and arguing with you lovely people.

I wish you all the very best, with whatever you do and wherever you go.


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Mikl-Lost Report | 05/30/2023 5:37 pm
Ahh cute avatar outfit!
Bunninsula Report | 05/04/2023 9:18 am
hii, cute sig!
Ralodosmovo Report | 04/20/2023 5:56 am
Bunnies!!! 3nodding heart
Haldenia Report | 03/20/2023 10:29 am
Wow, thank you Beidoll! That was unexpected. I appreciate the gesture.
gurgh Report | 03/11/2023 7:14 am
qt avatar
RYK3RS Report | 03/04/2023 10:07 am
Thank you for chatting with me. Your insight is much appreciated. heart
Lord Sorril Report | 03/01/2023 5:55 pm
Lord Sorril
An Overlord is not a God. emotion_heartbroken
Kekiiro Report | 03/01/2023 3:00 pm
!! That's great biggrin I'm excited for the spring too!! I'm wanting to work on a flower garden again this year but maybe get some new plants 3nodding
Kekiiro Report | 03/01/2023 2:30 pm
Hiya!! Thank you! Your avatar is super cute as well! whee I've been doing well, how about you?? cat_4laugh
Pandaring Report | 01/19/2023 9:21 am
Just poppin hellos in your profile comments. Ayooo.