This is to all my friends that i have made on here in the past 5 years.
i am so sorry

So hi, i'm Emily
no, not Ellie, im Emily
i have uh, not really been truthful.
sorry sad
im not this fantastic girl that everyone thinks
im not that exciting
im not anything anyone really thought me to be
i listen to Green Day, 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, Blink 182, Girls Like Boys, Fall Out Boys and bands like that.
i watch Orange is the New Black and American Horror Story.
i dont smoke or drink or party bc that is honestly still fu-cking dumb
im honestly not as exciting as people think...
i lied to alot of people, trying to make friends bc i was a total fu-cking loner
but now, woah, ive got a pretty good life going.
i have amazing friends and im actually loving life right now
im so so so so sorry if me not actually being who you think i was hurts you or makes you upset in any way.
that was NEVER my intention
i just wanted friends and this was one way to get them
if you want to shout at me,
tell me how big of a bi-tch i am,
or just get in contact with me,
kik me @emilycpiazza
also follow me on twitter if you're the real MVP

again, im sorry and i do love every single one of you
have a good time on here,
it really is a black hole