Hai~! I'm an anime/manga freak, al beit a mild one( Yeah sure). I am very creative being that I draw AND write. I daydream a lot and I'm very random. (Note: VERY random) My mind is forever in its own Wonderland. I'm also a video game freak. You know the type to actually get angry over a video game. :3 My tastes vary quite often so I can't say what type of music/art/game I am into. I <3 to rp and I'm at a semi-literate to literate level. I'm most likely insane but not clinically so.
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Stats: Approximately 4% of population.
DN characters with this type: Rem.
In a nutshell: "Performing noble service to help society."
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Wolf You are the wolf. You like company, but don't mind being alone at times. You're usually calm, unless provoked or annoyed. You'll do anything to protect your family and friends if need be. You enjoy silence and are a bit mysterious at times. You can be a bit apathetic, but it suits your personality.


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Report | 01/01/2011 12:59 am


Luce: No.
Rio: :3 Nii-san!!!
Luce: Rio!! (/ huggles Rio;; snuggles)
See. That is the only way to attract Lucien.
(/ pokes Raiden) Man, you're hard to get.
Hyuna: (/ frozen stiff)
Broken Doll: Why, don't you like me Hyuna? (/ turns head 360)
Hyuna: No, I don't like it. Not at all.

Report | 01/01/2011 12:22 am


Oh (/ drools a bit)
P.S ( I watched DRRR. The ending sucked so bad D: It doesn't make sense what about Celty!!! )
Oh and this is my Lucien clicku
Luce: What part of I don't wanna be bothered can't you understand?
Shut up sister complex dude.
And yes, very promising fufufufufuf.
Vic: (/ a bit teary eyed) You're really mean.
@Raine: I know, I'm avoiding being booted.

Hyuna: Rescue. (/ hears the pouding) ._. The hell?
Broken Doll: Lets play
Hyuna: o_o (/ frozen to death)

Report | 12/31/2010 11:55 pm


Lemme guess, Raiden is blonde.
(/ stares at him) He looks, promising.
Vic: (/ lets go before Ophie is able to hit;; sweat drop) But you were making those vibes.
Hey Hyuna.
Hyuna: Hm?
Rem needs some company.
Hyuna: ._. I don't like where this is going. (/ is magically launched REMLAND;; lands on the owner of the land)

Report | 12/31/2010 11:39 pm


On another note, I made a new charrie for Mafia Harem.
Meet Lucien, the brother of Rio and has a major sister complex.(/ opens a magical door)
Luce: Not now. (/ closes door)
=A= Party pooper.
Hyuna: (/ hears the sounds of Almos' screams of pain) Paradise.
Vic: Awe!! You missed me (/ teary eyed) OPHIE!!! (/ huggles)

Report | 12/31/2010 10:13 pm


You should have followed me way before.
Into the dark side.
Hyuna: =A= that will get him off my skin. (/ cocks gun;; shoots in the sky directly at Rem) that should lengthen his death.
Oh, since you did that, I too haven't put my Victor in my graveyard.
Vic: I'm rotting here!!!
Oh don't complain, you've been stealing my game tie in Black Ops you b*****d. scream

Report | 12/31/2010 9:57 pm


On an unrelated note.
Sorry, since I had the ps3 I've been screaming for this couple ever since.

Hyuna: (/ raises brow) I miss you too. You screaming in pain as I shoot you is what I need. Like now (/ takes out gun)
(/ falcone punches Remy) Not like that Remiel.

Report | 12/31/2010 9:19 pm


Oh yeah, before I forget, I changed her powers into something more persona-ish.
She now summons, so, 'll wait for the change.
Hyuna: (/ tries to control the urge to murder;; mixed twitching) Ssibal.
Oh, and Remiel, I just missed you so much, I just wanted a little taste.

Report | 12/31/2010 8:54 pm


Hyuna: Bloody hell. (/ cocks revolver)
No hostility. You're supposed to be in a kimono.
Hyuna: ._. Dammit. I'm doing this for my parents. Not for you or (/ glares at Rem) for you.

Report | 12/31/2010 8:52 pm


(/ was about to eat Rem)

Report | 12/31/2010 8:41 pm


Happy bunny year!!


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