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About Me:
I'm an adult player and don't ask me my age because I'm not going to tell you anyways. I'm currently a college student majoring in Human Development and hopefully becoming a grade school teacher in the future so yes I do have a life and no I don't spend all my life online. I work part time as a studio assistant even if I hate the stupid job. Stupid managers are just ugh ugh stupid and unfair. I do a lot of volunteer services that involves counseling and providing services so if you need some advice on something, whether it's IRL or just some help, feel free to ask and I'll try my best to assist in any way I can as this will be a great experience for me to improve my understanding on human behavior and common problems people face daily.

Pet Peeves:
If you don't know what this means then I'll explain it before going any further. Pet Peeves just means things a person finds annoying and this can be range to almost everything. So, moving on to the pet peeves I have for Gaia:

1. Cosplay Arena - I am sick and tired of seeing people post "It's in the wrong arena" or "Wrong Arena, so you get 0/5 or 1/5". This is by far the worse pet peeve I have because some people are just beyond stupid for repeatably posting "wrong arena this and wrong arena that" everywhere. I mean, come on. One person posting it is good enough. Seriously, why repeat it like ten times in a roll? And another thing, just because it's in a wrong arena doesn't mean you have the right to insult a person who had tried to do his/her best to improve. Instead of constantly being a pain in the bottoms, give some helpful advice for future knowledge instead of being an A-Hole especially to those new to Gaia and just trying to make a little extra gold and going about it the wrong way. Also, I've seen audience vote a 1/5 because they hate the anime or the series and their vote is solely based on that. The Cosplay Arena is not for that childish nonsense. You vote based on how well the person used the items to match the ref picture, not whether or not you think the character has been overdone or you just hate the character altogether. Barely anything is original anymore and you people need to get that through your puny heads. So many childish audience in the Art Arenas that it's sickening.

And another thing about Cosplays, people seem to think more items are considered better. Well, maybe for the Original, but not Cosplay. You are supposed to match the same exact items shown on a ref picture, not unnecessary items. Even if it's part of the story-line or the theme of the character, but if it's not in the ref picture then it's considered unnecessary or extras. Yet, some people find this an offense which obviously show how poorly their minds are develop. Cosplay = Match the ref picture, not add more items. Also, when the person that entered their entry into the arena, if you want to make a remark to the person that posted on the comments, you don't post it there. You can't expect the person to know if they were answered by you, so to get your point across, you post it on their profile or send them a message about it. That's common sense that a lot of people seem to lack.

And also for both Original and Cosplay arenas, people should really need to stop with the excuses saying they can't afford this or they can't afford that. It's annoying. If you're one of those people who enter in the arena just for the grand prize with an incomplete avatar, then I have news for you: chances of winning is ZERO. Instead of wasting 1,000 gold on entry fee, save it and continue saving up for the items you need to improve. Every little gold you have is good enough and don't waste it on chance knowing full well you're not going to win. Enter only when you have gold to spare and looking for comments and criticism for self-improvement. It's common sense which a lot of people seem to lack. I also have been seeing some rich people whining and complaining in the arena, especially the Cosplay Arena, saying they can't afford items under 500k when they are currently wearing items over 1 million. Does that even make any sense? No it doesn't. Stop your whining and sell your items if you want to win the grand prize as the final step.

2. Chatterbox - Now the Chatterbox from hell. I seriously don't like this forum, but this is the only place to find people to talk to and believe me, there's not a lot. People are SOOOOO dead set on wanting items that they would go so far as to beg for items or gold or both. It's not hard to make gold. Start small and then go big. Don't go big if you know you can't do it by yourself. Relying on others is just stupid and means you can't be independent when it comes to getting expensive things. There are tons of ways to make some easy gold: click on the dailies, explore the world map, sell your trash, and posting/commenting in forums/profiles. That is starting small.

Once that's done, then go to the Chatterbox for alternatives. Now these are the contests I hate and really hate because everything is build on by luck and chance and the chances of people winning are 1/1000. Say like the Dice Roll Contest and the Random Number Contest, why waste your time on chance and later find out that someone else won it by like 10 posts when you've been there for like 3 hours? That's so stupid. So what if the prize is like an Alruna's Rose or a KiKi Kitty Plushie, it's still an unfair contest and everything is solely based on luck and A LOT of time consuming and frustration. Also, another annoying contest is the BUMP Contest. Bump is spam and you win from bumping to ... number. What happens if someone came in late and the only prize left are like items worth crap but they have to bump to 1000 to get it? So unfair even if you change the bump number it's still unfair. Another one is the questionnaire. My holy hell hole, I'm going to be honest here and say I never completed a single one of those contests. Everything is a stinking repeat from questions stolen by others who have already posted it and now you have to repeat what you already did several days ago. Of the time you wasted by doing these stupid contest, you could have found other alternative to getting gold with less time consuming.

Now these are the ones I love yet I don't see a lot of. I see very few people giving prize for reasonable contests like "TekTek Me and win ..., but I will give ... as consolation prize" or "Be active and win ...." Those are contests I love because it's reasonable and fair to everyone even to those who entered in late but still have the same equal chance of winning as everyone else. This is a great way to make friends especially when you are new to the game. Once you made some nice friends, these new friends can help you with dream avatars or advice to ways of earning what you need, but remember this, DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OTHER PEOPLES' GENEROSITY. Once a person feel that you are taking advantage of them, they will stop being your friend and therefore losing what little help you have. Don't let this become a habit. Also, even though you have little to offer, always give a helping hand in return for those who helped you. Or in the future, offer to help others in need. Having a good strong connection with people is the best thing and you should be aiming for it.

More pet peeves when I feel the need to put more ....

From time to time I do TekTek myself and I will leave it here with past completed TekTek. This shows that there are ways to get items without the use of begging. You don't have to offer to help if you don't want to because I usually find ways to get these items. If you do want to help, then it's greatly appreciated, but otherwise you don't need to bother yourself with anything at the end of my speech.

If you need help with your dream avatars then ask nicely. If I have spare items I don't need that you are questing then I might give to you or if I have spare gold, then I'll help you. If I refuse your request, don't take it personally. It just means that I don't have anything to spare at the moment.

I don't normally post contests in the Chatterbox because it's difficult to manage on my own so until I find 3-4 people that will help and have items to offer as prizes, I won't be creating contests unless I become really bored and decided on helping others with needs. If the day should ever come, my contests will be based solely on fairness and not the stupid nonsense I listed on my rants about the Chatterbox.

Also, don't pay any attention to my wishlist. It's not up-to-date and I got lazy updating it. There are a lot of items I'm questing, but most are not from there. That wishlist had been there since 2007 and I haven't bothered with it since so just ignore it. If I am questing for something, I will post it under my speech.

Thus ends my speech until further updates.
Last Updated: February 5th, 2011


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I know this is pretty random. But I love your avi. It is very beautiful,and quite creative. 3nodding
Sakurajime I Minuet

Report | 02/23/2011 6:16 pm

Sakurajime I Minuet

How do you earn so much? You must really play alot. When you say you aren't going to tell us your age, why did you say you were in college? Just questioning, sorry. If it bothers you, and my curiousity, don't reply to me at all. :>

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thanks for buying my elegant veil 3nodding

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Finally >.<
thank you for buying ^-^
The Black Angel of Chaosx

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The Black Angel of Chaosx

awesome playlist and cool avi!!!
The Black Angel of Chaosx

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The Black Angel of Chaosx

http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/gaia/original-avatar/vote/?entry_id=102393271#title#title vote for me please in the avi arena!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars please XD

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I'm going to be nosey and ask you what that castle background you have on is!

Btw, I'm cloud889's friend. 3nodding

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well i couldnt find anything better =w= '

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-referring to your comment on the avi-
how does it not match? its a faded black like the rest of the avi, i didnt want to put armored pants because itd look to overthetop or cluttered
sailor lolite ice

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sailor lolite ice

thank you