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Trent Valentine

Report | 05/18/2024 8:19 pm

Trent Valentine


this still makes me sad. cry
Trent Valentine

Report | 05/08/2024 2:58 pm

Trent Valentine

"Did you see anything?!"

"No sir, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!"



Trent Valentine

Report | 04/22/2024 9:39 pm

Trent Valentine


The counselor from hell.

Report | 04/18/2024 8:16 am


your avi is very nice! intricate but simple, looks amazing

Report | 04/12/2024 1:44 pm


Hello! Love your avi, the little mushies are so cute gonk
Skeet Draconis

Report | 04/06/2024 9:51 am

Skeet Draconis

Congrats on the book~! 3nodding

Oh yeah, moved in 2019, living in the Outer Banks now. Which also means that we no longer go on family vacation anymore because this is where we used to come to. xd
Trent Valentine

Report | 04/05/2024 12:32 pm

Trent Valentine


Something In The Way...
Skeet Draconis

Report | 04/05/2024 8:39 am

Skeet Draconis

I've...been. xd Good times and bad, still pretty rudderless and not at all acclimated to living outside of NYC, but I yet persist.

You~? heart
Skeet Draconis

Report | 04/04/2024 9:47 am

Skeet Draconis

;-; Omg thank you so much~! heart
Trent Valentine

Report | 03/24/2024 8:21 pm

Trent Valentine

Twenty-four hour shopping in rapture...



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*How small the pain of one man seems when weighed against the endless depths of memory, of feeling, of existence. That ocean carries everyone. And those of us who learn to see its currents move through life with fewer ripples.* - Solas, Dragon Age Inquisition

I will always love you, Henry heart