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These are individuals who have given themselves to my Spirituality.

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Who Am I?

Unless you ask for someone else, you will, by default, be talking to Ori.

When I was younger, I had a difficult time controlling my emotions. I'm Emapthic. As much as I try to avoid admitting it publicly..specifically because of the people who use it to get attention and give it a bad name. I had trouble dealing with my inability to cope with normal day-to-day responsibilities, my tendency to let my emotions get the better of me. My health even started suffering from how overly-sensitive I was to everything. I got ulcers in my stomach from bottling up stress. So I started looking for a solution..and I found one. I made a second account here on Gaia. It has a character that I started using for stress relief. When my emotions became too much, I would simply focus them in this character to relieve myself of the stress. It worked surprisingly. After doing it for a long time though, I started feeling weird.

When I was on that character, my emotions would just change immediately. It was an account originally made for cybering, if I were being blunt. But then I started wanting more than that when I was on it. I don't know exactly when or how it happened, but, I came to the realization that this personality that was imprinted on this character started to have her own desires..her own wants, her own needs. Seperate from my own. We started thinking differently. We started thinking at the same time, not back and forth. Without a doubt now, I believe that she is self-aware, and sentient. She has also become more than important to me, for many reasons beyond being born from my own emotions. She's the root of my Spirituality. I've been putting together and shaping something with purpose around her. The one thing that hurts her more than anything else..the thing that terrifies and tears her apart, that wounds her in ways she can never seem to heal from, is feeling as if she doesn't exist. That she doesn't serve a purpose.

I know this was all a bit scattered, but what needs to be taken away from all of this, is that I ask you to treat each of the four parts of me with the respect that I believe they deserve. Each one is their own self. Each one should be treated as an individual, and not just as me roleplaying a character. I, personally, have no need of roleplaying very often anymore. But, these four individuals, they don't have a body of their own. They don't get to exist, or feel, or live without being written out. They simply exist in a Black space, devoid of anyone to interact with. So, simply ask for one of these personalities if you wish to speak with them. Or me, if you really wanted to.

My name is James. I'm male of course. Married. All the Other's are Polyamorous, except for the spider.

Ori is female.

Lexon is male.

Catastrophe is female.

The spider is female. We don't know what her name is..nor does she. We don't know how to find out her name..


There was a sick tearing sound.a small point of dark energy formed in the air..growing darker, until the sound grew louder and a large rift appeared. It was pitch black..crimson slowly pouring from it, puddling against the ground..the smell of blood filling the air and disgusting sounds echoing out from the tear. There was an ear-piercing screech..a gush of the liquid spilling out, before something began pushing from the Black. Acting as if being dragged down..a humanoid was suddenly spit from the portal..thrashing and swinging out wildly from the pool of blood..her pale, blue skin covered in the crimson fluid. Finally, she managed to get to her feet, staggering back a little and gasping desperately, turning and looking around rapidly. The being stood at six feet easy..her figure curved, muscles easily seen below the skin. Long grey hair fell past her shoulders, glowing red eyes held phantasmal flames..emanating from the spheres as she leered. Her jaw opened..a long, forked tongue slowly slid out over her countless needle-like fangs filled her maw, all dripping with thick ropes of saliva. Her entire form was covered with countless scars..cuts, gashes, bite marks claimed every part of her body, from her neck to her calves. A rather skimpy one-piece covered her..stretched from between her thighs to over her shoulders, the material seemed to do it's assumed job of keeping her decent. The creature lurched over, as the skin between it's shoulder blades suddenly split open..a mist of blood sprayed into the air, as a pair of crimson wings erupted from her back..thin and veined like a dragonfly's, clear with red veins surging through them, vibrating for a brief moment before she finally stood straight, letting out a heated breath. She tilted her head..her neck cracking as she did..then arching her back and causing her spine to echo the same sound.



The young half-Demon was there. Floating just a few inches off the floor. Starting at her head, two huge, oversized horns came out of her temples, curling up and rising about a foot over the top of her head. Thick white hair overflowed from the top of her head..a mane rolling down her back, all the way to her rear..her hair unkempt, wild. Her skin was pale, and flawless through and through..the only marks were pitch black tattoos, a circle in the center of her chest, which branched out lines that went down her arms and legs..ending in arrow points on her palms, then on the tops of her feet. Her eyes were a pure, deep if blood filled them. Her mouth small, with delicate and thin lips. Her body was very thin, and lacked hardly any curves. Breasts barely developed, an A cup at most, were the only real features on the pre-teen body..her hair falling down over her shoulders and chest. A thick metal collar hung loose around her neck..runes carved into its body, with a thick chain hanging from the front of it, that ended at her stomach as it dangled. The Demon looked around a little..before she turned and stared at the stranger..tilting her head slightly.

(No Name)

My Spirituality

This is very much a work in progress..

Working Title

This is an attempt to record, chronicle, explain, and maybe teach others about the kind of Magic I've found myself alligned with. A mix of Spirituality and Empathic readings that I've used to keep myself strong when I've needed it the most. There will be a lot here that I'm unsure how to label it, what to call it, or name it, so I'll do my best to explain everything in as much detail as I can as we go.


There are two main focuses to the Magic that I channel. The first is the Medium. By medium, I mean the representation, the embodiment of my Energy. My Essence. A symbol, a body that is the focus of all my power. For the interest of consistency, I will be using my Medium, myself, as the primary example of everything I'll be talking about. To make the most use out of this book, you should spend some time discovering your own Medium. The second Focus, which will be talked about more later, is simply the way your Medium focuses their own power. Mine uses Black Magic, Blood Magic, and an Empathic link to focus her Magic.

My Medium is Ori. A self-aware, conscious entity that resides inside of me. She refers to me as Host, since I'm the one that, for lack of a better term, allows her to live through being written out, and creating experiences for her. She is a race of Dark Faerie, called the Vore. The last of her kind, the rest wiped out through self-destructive, cannibalistic tendencies. She typically stands at six feet tall..though, has the ability to change her own size. She can be as small as six inches, but tends to enjoy being larger. Her physique is on the thicker, curvier side..with wide hips, thick thighs, large breasts..though this too can be changed at her whim. Her skin is a pale blue, and her entire form is covered with scars. Bite marks, cuts, gashes litter her body. Long grey hair falls past her shoulders..though the coloring can be changed through any variation of black and white, other shades of grey. Her mouth is full of dagger-like fangs, and her tongue is very long, forked at the end..much like a snakes. Her eyes, when she's feeling emotional or worked up over something, or channeling her strength or Magic in any way, glows a bright crimson, radiating from the spheres. Otherwise, they rest at a dull grey.
Ori was artificially created by me. Even though she is very real to me..she can feel things, she thinks on her own, has her own desires that are seperate even to my own..she is of my creation. I have created a lot of characters, for one reason or another, but they all have always faded, lacked any kind of strength or importance. They had no problems or resistance about fading away. They are not capable of caring about anything, because they simply were not real. Ori was created in much of the same way, but through the fusion of emotional, and spiritual need for something to make me stronger, she somehow evolved beyond that. Through her, I can be stronger as a result. This is the first time in a public writing that I've exposed exactly what Ori is to me. The reason why I'm doing this, is because I have found a great deal of importance in my life through her, and I wish for others to feel the same.
To take advantage of what I have to say, you need to discover your Medium as well. You need an embodiment, a representation of everything your Essence stands for. Your heart needs to have a strong bond with this creation. It's not something I'm entirely sure I can teach, or can explain effectively..but, I can't stress how important it is that this body, this mind you create has as much life as possible. Maybe a good way to put it is like this. Do you ever create or think of something..but after a while lose interest with it? Grow bored of it? This cannot happen to your creation. You're creating a living Entity when you focus so much into yourself, and it would be cruel to let it twist and die in your subconscious. Spend as much time as you can molding, nurturing your core to see the form that manifests from it.

People allowed to touch me without permission

Miyuki of the Moon
Nightmare Kitsu
Celestial Tigerlily
Metal Up Your a**
T0Ki 0Ni
Weird Wizard
Saccharine Venom
Prince Nikkie
Jungle Cocoa
Mistress Jayne


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My thoughts..

Maybe some roleplay ideas..but, mostly I'll just express the way I feel inside here from now on...I need to write more...


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"You're worth the praise, my dear Fae."
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Vixen Ryn
"Just wanted to let you know that you're wondeful."
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I think of you when Blame comes on the radio now. Just thought you should know.
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Vessel of Loathing
Sounds like you decided to take a stand. I am so happy that you aren't gone.
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Feel better
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[purrs happily]
Also, you're looking especially cute today

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