Wow.... I've been gone a long time. *glances around the site* A lot of things have changed here. I blame school. Being an over-achiever has some dire consequences. -.-

Chibi Seme

Mischievous, loyal, and intelligent, the Chibi Seme always seems to have a quiet energy whispering around them, suggesting that there is much more to them then what there first appears to be. Laid-back, and not one to call a lot of attention to themselves, they tend to guard their creative, forceful, (and somewhat manipulative) inner self behind an easygoing and playful exterior shell, which makes it impossible for most to truly know them. It takes a special Uke personality to see into the Chibi Seme's deep hidden self and release their sensual side, but once the Chibi Seme has let in that one special person, they will be forever loyal, loving, and protective.
A Chibi Seme will never be completely happy with just the ordinary. Setting themselves somewhat apart from the rest of the world, they need someone like-minded to keep them challenged intellectually and spiritually - a partner to inspire their dark naughty adventures and give them the motivation to take control.

Clueless Uke

Easygoing and energetic, those with the Clueless Uke personality just want to have fun. And although they often tend to have a spaced out or 'clueless' look about them, it's probably because they are lost in their own thoughts, imagining their next big project - for this personality isn't happy unless they are planning or working creatively, whether their passion is music, video games, or making things with their own hands. They also love to be entertained, which may be why they so easily attract the Opportunist Seme - who keeps them interested, with their slightly devious ways, without being demanding, or overwhelming the Clueless Uke's need to still feel free to do as they please. And although this personality can tend to be a bit clueless when it comes to interpersonal relationships, they make fun and caring partners when they find that special seme to amuse and look after them.


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The Assassin's Gate

Well, I'm writing a rather complicated and in depth story, and need someplace to store and share it while I travel from computer to computer. Who knows? Maybe I'll get Published for this.


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ty for buying

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Hey there.
That's y beautiful Avatar you have there ^_^
I like it heart

(Just had to stop to tell ya ^_~)
reddusk 95

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reddusk 95

can you follow im following you

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Yeah...But he'll live...

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Heh..I'm a masochist...>o>
He wasn't human that's for sure...God his kisses where so sweet in a way you wouldn't understand..
It took him long enough..But when it happened I melted...
He was a bad boy...I don't really remember why...D:
Not at the moment..xD

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I have a really high pain tolerance..So I'll be perfectly okay...>w<
Yeah It still bugs me...D<
Oh my gosh Ian..Was tall dark and well gorgeous..He has the most perfect lips..And like his eyes were yellow...God I love his eyes...<3
He was also a "Bad" boy..I mean he really was..It took him a whole year to frekin figure out that he liked me and wanted to kiss me...
He ended up going to jail..>o>
Lol I've done that before...It was classic...xD

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Fall lalala I love it...I'm going to get two roses held together by a viper with my name written under it in old time script.
Piercing needles aren't that bad...I got my lip pierced last year and I'm getting it redone...I can't wait...Squee~
I know that's in the past and all but it still gets me....dang...Any way I met someone else a lot hotter then Nick..Then we had to go
different ways...(God was he an awesome kisser) I've just been a rule breaker since I left there...Mind you it's rather fun..If you don't get caught.
So far I haven't gotten caught... wink

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He's hot...-Drool- I love tattoos I'm more then likely getting one on my sixteenth birthday...Which is in a few months.
I don't know why I never talked to him other then we were on the foot ball team...But still I never thought I was his type.
Pfft you're awesome too...nw n...That's why we are friends silly. >w< I dunno about him he was just that one guy....
-Sigh- Oh well I'll never know.

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One of the guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold....http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh131/YESii001/A7X%20rules/zackyv.jpg
Well He..I dunno he was the first blond guy I liked in a really long time....i was so like Meh...I wanted to talk to him soooo Bad...D;
Sometimes I thought I was going to implode...
I knew it....God I would've given anything just to talk to him..


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