I've been a Gaian since 2005 and I'm a pretty big guy, standing at 6'4", but im not at all intimidating. I'm a real nice, laid back guy, who would rather play video games or enjoy the awesome weather by the water or in the park, then smoking it up or something.

I'm a pretty big gamer. Got a PS2, Xbox 360, Gamecube as well as GBA and DS.

I love to write. I write my own short stories, fanfics and poetry/music lyrics. I can't live without writing, its just who i am!

If you want to know anything else or just want to chat/become friends, im all for it. Gimme a shout smile

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Mwuahahaha, crave the Chinese food, CRAVE IT!

Oooommgg, I loooove those as well emotion_drool
And wonton soup and the rice and just... emotion_drool emotion_drool
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Nuuuuu, dah foodz!~

Ok let's get Chinese food.
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Roooooofl, wtf!

Now I am just picturing you doing a bum wiggle dance while baking, lmfao.

You win.
Now where is my home cooked meal?
: P
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Psshhh... Pftt...
Oh yeah!? Well...

-Stalks profile while... tickling you-
Only master stalkers can do that!
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-Stalks your profile-

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I was not at all myself, but I learned enough to get by. biggrin If you go to my quest thread, I have a section where I did a bunch of art for people there. I pretty much just do art for donations now. xd If yous ee any good contests out there, let me know. biggrin I don't venture much out there anymore, because I am pretty preoccupied with things around other parts of Gaia. sweatdrop

Oh! s**t, I am an a**.. emotion_facepalm I am sorry to hear that. What happened, if you do not mind me asking? If you want, feel free to PM it to me, because I know it is more personal there. >.<;;

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It is a good idea, since there are a billion of them hiding everywhere. gonk

Yeah, I don't really bother myself either. xd I mainly just do art, when I can get into my damned hotmail. sweatdrop

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It's okay, many have a hard time with fishing. biggrin You are not alone! You didn't start, with the rest of us, when it came out when we where all chilling in computer lab. xd

OH! And don't forget to get your free daily bundle from that blue,a nd yellow, symbol thing that flashes. You can grab one daily, and they have random charms in them. biggrin

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That is exactly what I had said. xd

If you need help with that, let me know. You can click on them to view the items. Heart charms are very easy to get, and come in daily chance often. Stars are at about half, to a fraction, of the time, and diamonds are stupidly rare, along with wild cards.

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So much has changed.. It will take a while for you to get used to it all again. Even today they took away the home button. sweatdrop

How come you have more time on your hands now?


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