My name is Scott.
I'm 18 yrs old (6.22.95).
My religion is Wicca.
I'm a generally happy person.
I will buy Avi Art so long as it isn't that expensive.
I occasionally donate, but it really depends on who's asking.
I'm graduated.
I accept random friend requests.
I don't normally speak in such simple sentences, but it is more convenient at the moment for me to do so.
I do not live in any one social class, but rather in a class of my own.
I work at GameStop.
Don't ask me a question if you're not prepared for an answer you might not understand.
Enjoy my profile~


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Me,me,me! Not YOUUUUUUU!!! ME!!


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References xd

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look in my siggy for what I want drawn. If u can get both of us good HQ art, Ill pay for the phone cases. lol

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Preeeety avi @.@

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It would help if u didnt have so may pics covering ur profile...it said u updated, but u cant tell what was updated cause theyre all in the way. xD
Black Mage Zeref 911

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Black Mage Zeref 911

Black Mage Zeref 911

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Black Mage Zeref 911

so we left around the same time
Black Mage Zeref 911

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Black Mage Zeref 911

I left back in 10' or 11' but ive been a member since 08'
Black Mage Zeref 911

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Black Mage Zeref 911

yep its sad tho, its been 5 years but everyone is gone basically
Black Mage Zeref 911

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Black Mage Zeref 911

nope the clan I made back in 08' is done... The Great Uchiha Clan is finished and that's where all my friends were at basically

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how was bring you back to gaia?


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