Another year older so time to rewrite all this, my name is Christopher, but you can call me what you want as long as I understand that you're talking to me! I'm currently 28 years old and live in England, which is awesome on its own as I've heard from others! I have a very strange choice in music, I like so much music I'm shocked when I find something I dislike, although hip hop and r'n'b annoy me a lot, so they shock me far too often!
If you need to know anything else, feel free to ask, thank you for reading!


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I am the same. I log in to play Legend of Honor. And sometimes enter the Runway. Loving my LOH, though. Life has been good. Moved from Canada to the United States when I got married. The weather in Georgia is so much nicer...no snow! How about you? Has life been treating you well?

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Let me know how Ready Player One is. smile I read the book and enjoyed it, so I'm hesitant to see the movie. sweatdrop

Glad to hear you're doing well! Maybe we should plan a time to go hit zOMG together. I haven't had a chance to play it yet either, so we can try it again together. Should be interesting. wink

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aha that's okay, it's been some time whoa. i've been absurdly busy as well so i haven't been on gaia much rofl assignments and stuff, and then my finals are starting like next week ugh
rofl it's technically a good thing. for some reason we always have these really long convos. not that i'm complaining! the number has grown to 3k since the last time i checked lol i've been stocking up on rigs and such from LK. it really grows fast when you don't open them gonk well it's good to revisit old songs. i came across a really old youtube playlist i had from years and years ago that i don't seem to recall making and it's brought back so many memories of songs and made me wonder just why i stopped listening to them!! ahah yea i stash them and rarely check poses unless i do see a high ABP for it then i'll see if i like the item or not lol chances are i still end up keeping it, but if i get a dupe i just sell it.

that happens with a lot of items! especially now with plat it's hard to rmb just how much you paid for things back then. it looks way cheaper now but if you consider how much it used to be worth in terms of the time period's inflation it's a lot more different hahaha. that kind of makes sense, i guess the draw is when you think you are going to get something better, like you pay 100p for a chance item and hope to open something worth 1,000p+ kind of stuff. gambling ahem. I managed to get my hands on the haunted milk finally! i was trying fervently to get it from the unlisted items thread and someone with the item finally showed up and sold it to me.
it makes sense kind of, if you don't really need anything else the only things left on this site for you is either to gift or art or project tickets really lol let me know if you ever dabble in customs emotion_awesome
that's alright, i get drunk too lol some people tell me i have a tendency to blurt things out with no filter rofl oh yea and i totally check for typos too but sometimes i send too fast before i can correct it hahaha

emotion_0A0 but i have so many rigs. i'd feel bad if you gift bombed me so i shall keep my rigs to myself to open emo

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Love John Oliver!

I'm doing pretty well. A friend popped on to Gala a few days ago and said I ought to come back and see the new stuff. And old stuff that came back. I'm gonna have to try the zOMG again. blaugh

How have you been?

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we're starting our ever so long comment threads again lol ah yea. i'm a hoarder too i cri. i hoard all the junk. but i don't have as many items as you do lol I have about 2.3k items? and half of them aren't even worth more than half a b, and well a lot of game items and junk rofl oo yeah. i did sell quite a few rigs like the old fishing hole which is worth like 9-10b (whew) and village of fairies (~4b) and such. i open the ones worth less ish.
hell portals are good but i rarely sell the items i get from there which is sad :c because it always seems like there are people willing to undercut. well a lot of people like the gambling nature of RIGs to begin with!

ahah yea the limited edition ones tend to cost way more. because not everyone bought blind boxes and most of the time there were more duds than anything. lol you probably paid way less than what they are going for now for sure! and jaysus you really like chance items a lot rofl yeah, it's easy enough to start clearing the clutter once u slowly start listing stuff. i'm sure you'll figure it out!
that being said at this rate i should really just give you all the rigs i get considering the rate you buy them rofl what do you even buy mostly?

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You never seem to worry about being broke rofl I find lake kindred really good for earning now though. I borrowed a Sakura Fluff from the Rent-A-Kin thread and just constantly grinded Kindred Wilds and Fafnir Peak and the rewards were great.
I've been guilty of oversleeping said alarms meant for camping lol Sleep > Virtual money
Ahh that'd be nice, i'd probs just farm with it for a bit lol . I won a Candy Corn Skullv from a giveaway and I'm in the process of turning it lv 50 (I'm a scrooge so I'm trying to get it at least Lv.10 before I throw 40 Ally pots HAHAHA) It's level 9 now just a bit more to go. I never bought the Super Prizes cause I always seem to get junk, but opening junk rigs from Lake Kindred is funnn.
Whew. Yeah some of the SDPlus dolls have gone up a lot in value, which is suprising. My fallen star doll has dropped a lot in price tho rofl Yea it's because adventure time is popular I think! 150k plat is so much money asdgh. It's way easier to sell things in plat but sometimes you forget just how much value you're cutting from an item. I sold an item for 2b cheaper than the LBP the other day because I simply forgot 200 was actually quite a bit lol You'll get used to it again I think!

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Ah yea freakishly low ABPs might be either because no one wanted it or lol just Gaia people things.
Whew well at least you sold it before the price dropped 3nodding Profits!
I was shameless in the fact that I didn't offer them more gold HAHA. But I did try and camp the listing as long as I could dramallama
Then again I didn't actually do it often so eek
I should go farm me some RIGs for fun. RIGs are expensive but so addictive jaysus. There's probably a better way to play lake kindred than the way i've been playing it too rofl
My kins are like... level.. 3
Awww sounds sweet. There's a cat who lives on the first floor of my apartment whose owner lets it out every night to go do cat things and usually when it sees people it goes up to them to nuzzle. or maybe its demanding tribute. I'd get shocked too probably. Especially if it moved. I'm easily spooked like that HAHA
emotion_omnomnom emotion_0A0 I'm watching you. Ah yea it's a lot easier to buy things too. and spend. I splurged like ~5k plat on wishlist items without batting an eyelid then realised I actually spent 50b ahaha
don't judge me i know 50b is small change to many people but it's quite a bit of my pure disappearing. That being said i'm mildly surprised my inventory is worth quite a bit now! A lot of the old items are suppppper inflated now it scares me D:

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Yea that's true hahaha. It becomes almost a loss if you don't follow the LBP sometimes, because there are people who would buy those items anyway!
Ah yea I used to do that too. Setting an alarm and all and waiting just to beat the lowest bid by a weird number so they can't outbid easily. ninja
I heard many use Lake Kindred now but I don't understand it so emotion_awesome Right? Inflation is a scary thing. And the new items that are in the GCash shops! The price on the MP scares me D:

It's their way of telling you who's the boss lol They beat it into you with pain :'c Cats are probably a lot smarter considering they can do nothing but laze and people will still feed them and pet em etc.
Gdi stop giving me gifts I feel bad all over again. gonk I do think plat is a lot easier to deal with considering there are a significantly lower number of digits to deal with rofl

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You mean as long as greedy people are out there emotion_awesome
Oops I forgot theres one for the plat sink as well. It doesn't give anything good tho iirc!
Ah yea I used to vend a lot when i was first in Gaia cause that was the fastest way to earn some money. Now it's just like meh

You can stay alive for a long time i'm sure emotion_kirakira Well i've never been bitten but i've been scratched before :c Yea the cats are probably the great overlords and we are the servants. Cats rarely show their love to you unlike dogs too pshh! Well the egyptians did right emotion_awesome Pshhh chris please. It still hurts when i'm looking at it through plat. Tho because theres a lot less zeroes so it probably feels a lot cheaper than it actually is HAHAHA. Thanks you emotion_bigheart

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Things that never change in Gaia: INFLATION hahahah
Lucky Catch is more of a Gcash sink than gold sink emotion_zombie
Right? People see stuff that haven't been listed for a while and suddenly they are going for 5k-20k plat more than they would have normally!!!!!!!!
Yeah it's time to hoard all the cat items emotion_awesome Wings and halos have become too expensive for me to go for. And i love cats so it works out.
AND YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN emotion_0A0 Thanks as always with the expensive ones!