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Lè m'mouri, fè bèl vèy pou mwen
M'pa pral ni nan paradi ni nan lanfè
Pîngan pè pale laten nan tèt mwen.

-Feliks Moriso-Lewa


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Khaalsifer Report | 06/15/2012 11:54 pm
Ooooh, they look really good! I especially like the one with leaves in the background.
Le Goth Kid Report | 06/15/2012 4:46 pm
Le Goth Kid
Geeze! That's hardly anything! My boyfriend's in the same position as you, as he's currently going to college. I'm helping him to pay for his schooling, as well as our flat, as he can't really get a job with how busy he is and with how crazy his hours are. Could you imagine getting paid that much money for an entire year? You'd pretty much be set for a while, as long as it was continuous.

I actually haven't played those games in forever. At least, that's what half a decade feels like sometimes. And, yes, Genesis did make the game that way, didn't he?
Le Goth Kid Report | 06/15/2012 4:20 pm
Le Goth Kid
Yep, three jobs. It's pretty bad, but not unbearable. Money's hard to come by, you know? And Genesis? Yeah, I could see that; he is pretty awesome.
Le Goth Kid Report | 06/15/2012 3:22 pm
Le Goth Kid
Alright. I will do the best I can. I'm sorry that it may take me a while, as working three jobs kind of takes up a lot of time. But that's too true; Vincent is probably my favorite ffVII character.
Le Goth Kid Report | 06/15/2012 3:15 pm
Le Goth Kid
It probably won't take me eternity to finish it. If I start working on it now I should have it done before a month is over, depending on the picture. Would you like a full-body picture, mid-body picture, just head and shoulder shot, or does it not matter?
Le Goth Kid Report | 06/15/2012 3:00 pm
Le Goth Kid
Maybe. I don't want to say 'yes' and then procrastinate like I do, but I don't want to say 'no,' as I wouldn't really mind. That and it might take a while. How long would you be willing to wait for a picture?
xXMewRoseXx Report | 06/15/2012 10:08 am
Thanks for buying biggrin
Khaalsifer Report | 06/13/2012 2:33 pm
Yep! Got it a while ago.~
Khaalsifer Report | 06/05/2012 3:55 pm
razz I believe it'll take me a while to put together an outfit worth anything, but I look forward to the challenge. See, I think of mangos and just wonder why anyone would waste it by juicing it when you can have a mango lassi, dry the mango, put it in a smoothie... but Juice? I fear I judge you my dear. XD It's really easy! X = americano h, and everything else is pretty intuitive. razz I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time at all. #linguistics is SO DULL #I'm still working on my Spanish, Portugese, and German #it's going slowly
Khaalsifer Report | 06/04/2012 11:43 pm
Ugh, you're just so dapper. #holding conversations over profile comments like a baws.


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