Greetings! I am Miss Jacqueline for you.

I am a Dominant/Mistress/Owner... BDSM and D/s are a big part of My life. I enjoy training new comers to this wonderful world of D/s submission and pleasures! Of course that you MUST be old enough for such thing. Training does not need to be a sexual thing... Just like the lifestyle itself.

Prowd gaia pets: Luna The Kitty.

Yes, I am currently looking and will search everywhere!

Now, I enjoy D/s role play... and submissive kitty boys and girls(But it is fine if you are not a kitten for everyone interested has a chance). Do not be afraid little ones! I will show you how to see and feel life in a most wonderful manner if you trust Me.

My age will be given to you once I get to know you of course... For it is VERY cherished information.

I am a smooth and relaxed person that enjoys dark and deep things... Cross dressing boys with lolita/gothic lolita outfits is a great pleasure of Mine... As it is to dress girls in the same fashion. Girly is best indeed. Victorian fashion is also good.

All I have shared with you so far is not lived online only... But online can be a good start.

Please no haters or homophobes... I do not go after you and tell you how you are missing on many wonderful things do I? No... I do not. Just let Us all live happy and at peace.

I do not engage with haters, *****, racists etc... I find all this negative and not safe, sane or consensual.

I strongly wish for a law that allows castrating rapists and *****]

Tea is a fabulous thing isn't it? Let us have a tea party under a gaian tree with cake, cookies, muffins and of course... The tea itself. Send me a PM and we shall have it.

I shall leave you now my darlings! To know more all you need is ask~<3

Role Play Characters:

Username: Alecto_Erebus_Enyo
Name: Alecto Erebus Enyo (Unresting Darkness & Horror)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female (can change gender)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Tribe: Demon
Position: Leader
Looks: Drawings by Nekogirl1991 aka Me

User Image
All I can say is that I am unable to stop it... And that I am drowning in the possible ways of my and our future... (Erebus)
User Image
After a while you realize that peace cant be reached by anyone... (Alecto)
User Image
Life is just a game where the mortals and the weak always lose. And the immortals and the pain always end up winning and blooming ubiquitously. (Enyo)

About: Alecto Erebus Enyo was born in twilight the day Heaven created a Hell… She is three and yet one. Her three names awake the three different personalities/creatures inside her one immortal body. Each personality/creature has different powers and abilities... Erebus is the most powerful of the three and also the one that leads for she is also the wisest… Alecto is explosive and full of energy and Enyo is always in the mood for blood and gore…
Alecto Erebus Enyo enjoys passionate and carnal experiences for she is thy Goddess of desire and pleasures. Her servants shall only talk to her after offering honey and water (for those two things are rare in her land).
Her anger is loud for the sky spits fire and so is her sorrow for the sea cries with her…
All demons in all lands, dimensions and worlds know her names and her power for she is the Queen of the damned and the daughter of the light and the darkness…

Abilities: Erebus can see the past, the present and the possible ways of the future. Alecto is able to open portals and teleport but she prefers to use her wings and fly for pure pleasure instead…
Erebus can also change her gender (This ability was used to rape the beautiful daughters of dirty kings and lords that abused of the lower people of their tribes and or kingdoms… Now it’s no longer used for there is peace in all lands; she now uses it for pleasure or to perform in pagan rituals).
Alecto likes using a long whip that cuts through anything or his twin swords (he always carries these weapons with him). His blood can be used as poison when he is in a charming mood and fangs that can drop acid whenever he pleases…
Enyo is able to transform in to a giant dragon that throws a purple colored fire (This fire is purple for it’s filled with guilt and lies of the souls that Erebus feeds from). Enyo’s weapons are a giant claymore filled with her anger and a long bow made of one of her dragon fangs…


Name: Alecto Erebus Enyo.
Age: 277
Rank/Role: Mistress and Owner of the slave market.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Gender: Female
User Image

Biography: Alecto Erebus Enyo aka Mistress Erebus is the proud Owner of a well known slave market. Her beautiful looks and never ageing skin are product of beauty products She says... But the truth is that She is a rare "Immortalis" as the popular crowd tags them. Their history is still unclear.

Mistress Erebus came to the colony when she was still a hundred and fifty years old "I was so young then" She phrases laughing to Herself.

Under Her candid smile and designer clothes lays a very strict and perverse Mistress... Only the ones that have had the Honor of being Her slaves know this. Usually She prefers pets instead of slaves "Because it gives them more freedom" Erebus assures.

Apparel and presentation is most important for Her "One must make good impressions" She says. Her clients are governors, politicians and wealthy men and women. This is why She demands etiquette from her servants, slaves, pets and companions.

~Join the slave Market~


Ah... My Dear Journal....

commentz are loved and followed by a pagan dance <3

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