Hello to who may be reading this. I go by Albi and I like to think I'm an easy-going, nice person who has the ability to get along with anyone, if they peek my interest. I am 19 years old and live in a place that's worthy of being called a hell on Earth because it gets so unnaturally hot here, especially during the freakishly dry summers.
Things that I enjoy doing are drawing; watching certain types of horror, I love the paranormal; and I do play video-games casually as well, my favorites being the Borderlands series, Lollipop Chainsaw and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Reading is also something I do casually but I mostly read graphic novels, a few interesting ones I've read were Durarara!!, Loveless, Gravitation, Togainu no Chi, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Jack Frost and Blood Lad. You can already tell what my favorite band is--if you've had my profile song playing--so I won't get too into that, but I will tell you that their name is Mindless Self Indulgence.

So if you want to speak to me, feel free to either message me or just add me. If you're here to try and flirt with me, or whatever else 12-year-olds do on this site, then please don't bother. I am taken by the best person in the world, even if she is a little moody at times.


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This is were I'll write countinuously about stuff that really won't interest you, trust me.



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Gummie Bandit

Report | 01/19/2014 7:44 pm

Gummie Bandit

I love your page sis, ^^ can't wait for you to get your account up an' runnin' again.

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how are you albi?? smile

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hey there ... biggrin

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Well I hope the next one is even more fun!

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Yours is pretty cool too. cool

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Aww thank you 4laugh
Nebula MXC

Report | 07/19/2013 9:57 pm

Nebula MXC

Nope. Sonic must be an USA-only thing. gonk
We -might- have one somewhere in Canada, like a Remote city or in Ontario or somethin' confused

Yeah, my dad is on his way to kill himself with the way he lives, it's odd because he's always going on how sick he is... I wonder why. rolleyes

My long-term memory is alot stronger than my short-term, so I'll forget something I was told 10 seconds ago, but will remember it an hour later sweatdrop

Nebula MXC

Report | 07/19/2013 2:08 am

Nebula MXC

... To think I pushed a 225lb bike+groceries up a mountain when I only weigh 240; albeit 6'0 tall I am. I never thought I was that strong cool

Damn, I thought my dad was the only person who ate McDonald's every day, rendered a diabetic from his McD's and 2-3 2L Coke's (Diet Coke now) daily diet.

And I'm also at risk of Diabetes. gonk I don't want to be like my dad!
We don't get In 'n out or Sonic here :/ We get commercials for them and everything, too. You'd think they'd omit those from American Networks when broadcasting to Canada.
And I want to try Sonic, damnit! cry

I keep forgetting your comment, so this took a while to write sweatdrop
Nebula MXC

Report | 07/18/2013 7:09 pm

Nebula MXC

Aye, the E-bike has become merely a novelty and I'll be starting to put money away for an upgrade.

That's the idea of the massive grocery shop I did. xd
Buy a lot I can make at home so I don't have to stop for food at any fast food joint. cool
Nebula MXC

Report | 07/18/2013 6:26 pm

Nebula MXC

I sure did. sweatdrop
Yeah, I know those days. I had one of my own today; Went to the store for Groceries; I've spent half my paycheck already, but the worst part was my Scooters battery went dead halfway home, ended up walking it home and then I live up a big hill so I'm pushing a 200lb bike with around 25lbs of groceries up said hill. My scooter can't make it up the hill even with a fully-charged battery, but I can at least walk it up the hill revving it with me.

But at least I've got a good amount of groceries for the next while; trying to cut down on Stopping at Subway and McDonalds before/after work. rolleyes

...But it's Time to start saving up for a real motorcycle and studying for my permit. cool


The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.“ —Salvador Dali