Name: Hidan
From: Yu
Birthday: April 2
Age: 22
Blood type: B
Height: 177.1cm
Weight: 56.8 kg
Affiliation: Akatsuki
Ring: 'Three' in kanji
Ring Position: Left Index Finger
Partner: Kakuzu
Weapon: Other than himself, he uses a unique scythe with three blades
Hobbies: Praying to his cult deity

Background: Hidan is the second newest member of Akatsuki group who considers killing his religious calling.

The Deal with him: He is a devoted follower of a cult called Jashin, which worshiped an evil deity. Hidan has an utter faith in this religion, which promotes morbid annihilation of mankind. Anything less is considered a shame to their Evil God and therefore a sin. He is considered immortal because of the kinjutsu used to him by Jashin. Hidan wears a beaded necklace with a pendant of their cult's emblem and uses it when praying to his god for good slaughter.

His morals is as corrupt as his religion. Hidan is very disrespectful and very much comfortable in uttering profanities and vulgarities. He is arrogant and overconfident because of his immortality. He even fights without a concrete plan or strategy.

His ability is performing a voodoo-like ritual in which his body acts as the doll. Even in his state of immortality, Hidan can still feel pain and relish it particularly when he is sharing the pain with his opponent. His favored weapon is a three bladed scythe that he mastered to use in close and long ranged battles.

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 312
First Anime Appearance: Shippuuden Episode 71
Name Meaning: Hi=fly, skip pages, scatter or Shougi Rook, dan=grade, steps or stairs


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I Jashin sama I

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Just randomly passing by O3O I love your Hidan cosplay and profile mrgreen *is a Hidan fan 3nodding lol*
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Hisa Amasawa

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iPanda Nina


Hope you have a great birthday :3

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No matter what....

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I'll always be by your side.....

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Happy V-day nii-nii c:
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