-- I'm not usually here. I rarely hop on because I have links to this website that I do find vaguely important to my hobbies. If lucky, I will hop on once a week.

-- I have multiple names: Rose / Kanae / Alois / Layne. Pick one.

-- I am a boy, but I'm using the female avatar because to me it looks cuter.

-- I'm on Tumblr and Skype more often than here. If you want to, ask for my Skype.

-- Recently turned 19, still haven't figured my life out to be honest.


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I wαɴт yoυ тo drowɴ, ѕoɴ. Drowɴ αɴd ĸɴow yoυ αre вeттer oғғ вecαυѕe oғ ιт.

Please quote me for my attention!