Hey guys, how's it going? Uhm, to be quite frank with whoever in their right mind would visit my profile, I don't really go on here anymore. I'll occasionally pop in at least twice a year maybe more if I'm feeling lucky to refresh things. I've had this account for over 9 years so it's sentimental in a sense and I'd hate to totally trash it, but it's kind of lost its glow for me. But anyway, my name's Aiiyama and most people just call me Aii and I'm rather friendly (I'd like to think so) when I am online at least. I draw, I act, I read. I recently got into D&D (yeah way to go, the nerdiest thing there) and I'm currently a sophomore in Nursing school. We're just kinda floating above the water for the meanwhile and until I find a reason to keep me active on this site, here we are.

I have an art insta if you want to check that out over @ v33b33

Until the next time, gaia.