Hi! Im King Ray The Third, no im not a real king DAAAAH. I like many things like movies video games music tons of stuff. Im very kidish I love Super heroes like superman and batman, so dont make fun of me. Im very nice easy to get along with just dont be mean to me im kinda sensitive and I'm not normaly agresive so i cant really deffend myself from insults so yah. But if you ever want to meet up with me just ask if i dont respond im not ignoreing i just not paying attention so i probly dont see it or im not on. Oh and im not on a lot so dont be mad ok. smile



This is my Journal. Read if you want. But if you want to comment dont say anything negitive if you have nothing nice to say dont talk at all.


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YO RAY i havent seen u in a long time man! wats up man pm me


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I adopted a CHIBI!!
name: Ichigo
Likes:his awsome hair color
dosen't like: fighting hollows
owner: AceAngelXD
Adopt ONE TOO!