well my name is simon aranda
i am 18 soon to be 19
im going to school to become a pastry chef
im also into art like (painting, drawing, photography, pastel, etc. you name it i love it)
right now im trying to become a photographer but not there yet cause im mostly an artist like a drawer but havent drawn anything for 3 years so im like eh right now lol but i love photography right now so check out some of my work

and im gay and proud of it
this is when i when i was younger so dont read lol
dont have the heart to delete

This is what i have so far
this is like chapt 1 out of 10


10 Years Ago

"Push me Higher daddy" said jason while playing in the swings with his mother and father. ok said his dad while smiling to his wife. "Come and eat, my man" said the mon while serving them sandwiches and juice. Jason gets up and starts playing around with his toy gun. While Jason was playing with his toy gun a car came in the park where his mother and father were. Band said the guy in the car to Jasons parents. Jason hears the gun shot and runs towards his parents, Aw you guys fell asleep with out me he try to wake them up, but he didnt know his parents were dead. A guy across the street sees what happens and calls the police, A little boy just killed his parents with a gun!. The man quickly hangs up and runs towards Jason and holds him away from his parents. Let me go! trying to push the man away, I want to be with my mom and dad!. Than why you them?! said the man, What are you talking about! said Jason cleaning his tears off. Before the man said anything the police came in and took the boy away. Let go off me! Jason kick and screams at the police. The police had no choice but to punch jason to sleep. The man runs towards the police What are you doing? Please stand a site sir said the police, pushing him away. But the man wouldnt back away Please dont hurt him!. Than suddenly the cop took out his gun and shot the man. Later on that day the cop took Jason to a room and sat him in a chair. Why did you kill your parents? said the cop while turning on the light on. The boy started crying I didnt, I didnt do anything!. The cop sat in front of Jason taking out pictures of his parents. You dont have to lie you know. Jason gets up the chair and kicks it to the ground I didnt do it! he runs towards to the door and try to open it. The cop went up to jason and grab him down the chair Ill give you sometimes to tell me the truth, Ill be back the cop walks out the door leaving Jason in the room. Jason starts crying and looks around the room for an exit. Than he hears the door knocking, I wish that this can all end! he screams with all his lungs out. I can make this all end little Jason, I can make this all go away. said I voice in the air. Jason panics and looks around who it was, Who are you, what do you want? than he notice that time freezes. Im just your friend here to save you from all this pain. than suddenly another voice came in Dont listen to him young jason, all he brings to people is sadness and pain. Hes not to be trusted. Be quiet. Said the first voice. Come with me jason and Ill bring you happiness. said the second voice. Jason gets up and starts to dry his tears off Really? Would you bring my parents back? the second voice stayed quiet while the first voice laugh Silly boy your parents died because of you not cause of the guy in the car. Hes right jason, you cant bring back people you have killed. I didnt killed my parents! said jason with all his anger. Yes you did stupid you killed them and you were so sad you wanted to forget and blame it on someone else. No I didnt, I didnt do anything! The first voice started laughing Shut up just shut up who are you! yelled jason at the voices. The first voice said Im satan the second said Im god jason was confuse I thought you two wear just legends or something. Nope were real said Satan. Satan was getting piss off So do you want to forget yes or no!?! Satan yelled at jason. Jason if you do than youll change, you wont be human anymore, are you sure you want to do this? said god. Jason started crying and than yelled out YES! YES! Let me forget, let me forget everything please, PLEASE!!. Than god describe to Jason If you do forget than youll be part demon and part angel, and when your 17 you will change from everyone else and when your 18 you will become a demon if you become bad and an angel if you become good . Satan got tired of waiting for god to finish, he didnt man chant shadow battles. Yes also when you become seventeen youll have to fight shadow battles. Yes and Im the one whos going to make them and make you loose so youll become my servent. Jason stop and think on what he should do and than he made his choice Ill do it. I want to forget!/ god came out in human form and satan was behind him to. Fine but you will forget your name and other form. Said god Ok Ill do it Im ready. Than god and satan shook on it and than Jason was being erase of life. Later on time finally started moving.


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My Close Brake UP

June 24

lol today t midnight me and my best friend were talking to eahc other and than we 3 way my bf so we were talking and than he told me to call him bak in 10 mins so when me and my best friend were talking we were talking about how much i love my firned and ill brake up with my bf to go with im and than out of no where he came out saying i want to talk to u and u was like *s**t*

but we didnt brake up lol


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Jarrett=) =( = ]

dood i cant get the grunny thing on my profile
Jarrett=) =( = ]

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Jarrett=) =( = ]

Jarrett=) =( = ]

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Jarrett=) =( = ]

escimen brain
Jon The Sexy Artist

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Jon The Sexy Artist

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Jon The Sexy Artist

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Jon The Sexy Artist

hello buddi..

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si i love you im sory i hafnt talked to you in a while...
heart heart

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noises noises ppl make noises wen they're (SIC)

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your a fun friend and i love you like a brother

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u haf a headband!? i saw ur pic..i want 1 im getting 2 for xmas! ha!


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