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Report | 03/06/2012 11:06 pm


O: That's a lot of work Pearl. Hope you're resting up and having some fun too.
Yeah, kinda. I've been hanging out with old friends.
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Report | 02/21/2012 10:32 pm


Haha, no problem. I missed music on my page too.
Where do you work?
I actually have one more year. My engineering his 5 years. >.<
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Report | 02/15/2012 5:26 pm


What have you been up to?
We kinda disbanded because of some drama that happened with one of our members quitting to join his girlfriend's crew. We haven't been practicing and getting together to dance as much compared to before, but we performed the other day for the first time in almost a year. It was amazing.
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Report | 02/02/2012 5:53 pm


I'm here! Lol. I was too lazy to add music on my profile.
I missed you too. It has been a while. How are you?
School mostly. Kinda forgot about Gaia for a bit. Many distractions. xD
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Report | 01/08/2012 4:05 pm


I like the profile x3
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Report | 11/10/2011 8:51 am


we have everything, except snow... xP
well, I have been pretty good. :p
Havin fun, makin friends. smile
you should just go and meet people! biggrin
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Report | 11/01/2011 1:43 pm


pretty swell! ^_^
im havin fun over here, and about to go to class. :p
you? xp
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Report | 10/30/2011 8:59 am


PEARL!!! biggrin
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Report | 10/26/2011 4:20 pm


Oh dang. That sucks. D;
I would be really upset if my teeth were to get messed again.
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Report | 10/25/2011 4:10 pm


I really enjoy listening to the song too!
Thanks for the greeting Pearl.
Haha. I try to take good care of them, getting braces cost a lot of money. Don't want to waste that. xDD
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Report | 09/23/2011 11:47 pm


yeah but i really believed it...he was the first guy who actually was close to me in a way...Hmm is it because i am not pretty or should i be more of a girl. *Sigh* sometimes...life just bites you pearl. Tenth grade is hell for me! I got like two types of essays due this week...it sucks. Also I cannot go anywhere cause it's raining at the moment! Well at least my mother is coming...that is something I can look forward too~ haha....I miss my buddy Pearl. (Your more of a sister than a buddy blaugh )
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Report | 09/23/2011 7:54 pm


Hey hey no worries! At least you are not my weight....it's so hard to find pretty clothes. I had my heart broken this school year...one of my guy friends likes my best friend and i felt so stupid thinking he liked me! yeah you know life isn't always easy. I actually was so depress i started drinking a bit...that resulted in the most awful ever...so yeah. I feel your pain Pearl. Love you no matter what ! heart
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Report | 09/23/2011 6:58 am


Hey Pearllll!!!~~~~~ Haven't talked to you in ages haha!
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Report | 09/03/2011 10:11 am


Hello my lovely!~ heart
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Report | 06/25/2011 5:19 pm

Suicidal T3ndencys

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Report | 06/24/2011 2:48 pm


Your status... What happened? O_o
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Report | 06/21/2011 5:22 pm


It's 9 minutes of pure awesome right. xD
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Report | 06/07/2011 11:27 am


I speak laos more than thai, i'm viet too, my fathers viet
& my mom is thai and laos. d: so ... sha wat dee kah? xD
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Report | 06/07/2011 8:26 am


//stalking you
just saying, i know a little bit of thai, and laos d:
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Report | 06/01/2011 9:49 pm


yah :]
I live in a white town too


beautiful Pearl <3

It was nice meeting you and it was fun talking with you
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