Rosa's Roleplaying Links:

Digik Gallery
Electro-Rough Gallery
Color Palette Generator
Anime Artbooks

General English
Top 32 misused words
The Big List of Booboos and Blunders
Descriptive Words
Words Other Than Said
Big List of RPG Plots
The Writer's Mary Sue Test
Noteable Insults
Character Names
Psychology and Writing

Posty Stuff
Every color ever in HTML

Roleplay Stuff
The General Guide To RP Literacy, Version 1.10

Writer's Block
Stuff to help you make ideas
911 Writer's Block
More Writer's Block Stuff

Survival and Awareness
US Army Survival Manual
US Army Field Manual
First Aid Kit
Survival Guide
Survival and equipment

Sci-fi myths
Sci-fi essays
Cyberpunk slang

Seventh Sanctum generator
Plot point generator
Random Concept Generator

d20 Stuff
D&D Prestige Classes
d20 Sourcebook
D&D Gunmage PDF
D&D Wiki
Batman Alignments [NSF56k]

Weapons and Combat
Martial arts/MMA
Moar martial arts
Swords and armor
Throwing knives
Knives, improvised weapons, combat
Hitman Guide [disclaimer: don't actually do this RL]
Steal This Book

Internet Utilities
Internet clipboard, seriously seriously useful

Various Links
Drugs and Herbs Info
Various hand signals
Poisonus plants
50 things everyone should know
Zombies Are Coming
Zombie Preparedness Institute
Wiki Superpowers