Plot Night Events:

- Event 1 (Introduction): An attempt to negotiate with the rebels to contact the long-lost brother of Anneke, one of the regulars, is disrupted by an attack from the government as a result of the rebel leader's right-hand man turning traitor. In the ensuing gun battle, most of the rebels are killed and the patrons of the bar survive with moderate injuries and several kills to their names. The brother of the regular is shot and killed instantly shortly after the half-dragon lieutenant tries to hold Anneke and her brother hostage.

-Event 2 (Retaliation/Redemption): When contracted by two government agents in blue suits to rescue hostages from a local band of were-rats, the Black Sand patrons are surprised to find the cave filled with traps and surprisingly devoid of lycanthropes. Most of the patrons are injured in the adventure, and after slaughtering some gnomes and rescuing the hostages, they learn that the government has taken this time to kill off a large group of rebels.

Event 3 (Pest Control): What began as a raid on the Black Sand Cave by Nic, Fadis, and Rhoslyn met with mixed results as the group met a silent stranger before finding allies inside - and then the ogres came. None of the PC's discuss what went on, although judging by the skulls of ogres, they succeeded.

Event 4 (Knives In The Dark): A meeting between Jose-Luis, Rhoslyn, Nic, and Zoe resulted a successful arms deal between Nic's corporation. The meeting was temporarily crashed by Aña and the Rat King; however, in the end, agreements were made allowing all sides free passage on each other's lands, as well as an offer to delve into a local temple for loot (and several other missions.)

Event 5 (Dueling Guitars): Aña, Akasha, Rhoslyn, Nic, Fadis, Ares, and G travelled to a local city to incite a riot. This was accomplished by Rhoslyn and Nic doing an impromptu concert in the middle of the city, complete with free drugs and booze to the audience. After Nic's abilities set the crowd off, the Black Sanders went and looted s**t. As a result of the riot, the rebel's plot to assassinate a high-ranked military officer was completed successfully.

Event 6 (Broken Daggers): Rhoslyn, Akasha, Llewellyn, Cal, and Fadis traveled to the home of the fey. After a brief time just idling, the characters attended the Unseelie Queen's loyalty-oath session, which turned into a ******** as usual. After escaping, a portal to Dencaf was left open along the beach.

Event 7 (Desecration): Rhoslyn, G, and Nic set out to the Black Sand Temple to basically loot and kill. Once inside, the trio discovered that the Drow had somehow gained entrance, as well as the Island Gnomes. After the final Drow warned them about demons and enslaving wizards and requested to be killed, the group decided to seal off the temple and tackle Level 2 at some point in the future.

Event 8 (Blood Bonds): After Rhoslyn and Daliah's return to the bar, the two discover that Aña has gone missing after a fight with her sister. After finding out her location, Rhoslyn, Feronen, Fadis, Daliah, Akasha, and nine of Rhoslyn's Raven Knights set out to the military base where she is held; after they deal as much damage as possible and rescue Rhoslyn's daughter, Feronen called in an airstrike, then notified the rebels. Afterwords, Rhoslyn is no longer bound by neutrality, and openly declares his allegiance to the Rebels.

Event 9 (The Seraph): Late Friday night, G, Connor, and Rhoslyn stumbled across a battle between the government and rebel forces, complete with one of the Guys In Blue Suits and a strange angelic figure. After G opened fire on the Seraph, it went into KILL mode and killed the Guy In A Blue Suit repeatedly before finishing off the government soldiers, as well as kicking everyone's a**. Only the arrival of Terra kept the group alive (barely), and the Seraph took off.

On Sunday, it returned to attack at mid-day; while Cal and Aña evacuated the non-fighters, G, Fadis, Rhoslyn, and five of his battlemages stayed to fight, managing to hold out until reinforcements came in the form of Feronen with a RPG and Chiasa with her blade. The Seraph was finally defeated in a combination attack: while Rhoslyn impaled himself on the Seraph's weapon, G and Chiasa dual-attacked, stabbing the Seraph through the head. In its final act, the Seraph blinded Chiasa with its venom and wounded G, then died, much to the relief of everyone involved.

Event 10 (Cal's Birthday): Not a whole lot to say; Cal turned 17 and kicked the day off with drinking, drugs, and gifts. After going to bed with her cousin, grandmother, sister, and Fadis, she ended up accidentally killing the midget, who returned to haunt the bar.

Event Night 11 (The Daemonspider): Rhoslyn, Nic, Akasha, Tygris, Guy, Lent, Victoria, ghost!Fadis, Tabi, and Acropolis all set out to kill the Daemonspider. After killing the first form easily, the thing went ******** apeshit and went to a different form; after knocking out Akasha, Guy, and Lent, it changed in form again after G's rescue. Then it pretty much moppred the floor with everyone aside from ghost!Fadis, Victoria, Guy, and G, who combined forces with James to do a final attack on the spider, killing it. Loot ensues. Seriously, Rhoslyn got melted, Lent got squished, Tygris got skewered, and Nic lost an arm.

Also, ******** DIAMOND KATANAS.

Event Night 12 (GTA Style): Rhoslyn, G, and various others who I'll remember later went along to try to start a riot. This time, the ******** were prepared, so it changed from "riot" to "try to get five stars while looting s**t." It worked quite well.

Event Night 13 (Bavarian Fire Drill): The Black Sand team went to rescue G from the government forces, using stealth and bluff to infiltrate a military base and cause chaos. All went well until a trio of Guys in Blue Suits showed up in an anti-magic tank; once it was disabled, the escape was completed. Several minutes later, Rhoslyn POOF'd back and picked up G, because the Black Sanders were too busy celebrating to remember him at first.

Event Night 14 (Pirates!): Ran by Kiraalu, this even consisted of a pirate attack on the beach. Merdice, Rhoslyn, Donovan, Canaan, and some others I know I'm forgetting... ******** up some pirates.

Event Night 15 (namegoeshurr): Ran by Damon, this event consisted of an attack by a giant lizard. Erin, Aña, and others I know I'm forgetting fought a giant lizard in retaliation for Canaan's conspicuous consumption of smaller lizards.

Event Night 16 (namegoeshurr): Rhoslyn, Nic, Erin, Fadis, Acro, and others whos name I am forgetting right now went in to explore the Magma Caves. Upon investigation, they discovered an underground facility - disturbingly, they found a room filled with hundreds of dark elves in tubes with collars around their throats. After dispatching them, Rhoslyn was attacked by a possessing force, and with Nic's aid, recovered as the others attacked the main bunker. During the attack, Rhoslyn managed to get his a** thoroughly whooped to to gunfire on the part of a GiBS and incompetence on his part.

Event Night 17 (namegoeshurr): Canaan's dragon spirit went ANGRYBERSERK all over the bar. I don't think this one finished.

Event Night 18 (GODFIGHT!): In the spirit of ******** around with Rhoslyn, an evil god from his home realm showed up with a horde of mindslave mooks. After delivering a "go ******** yourself" to the god, Rhoslyn attacked the god while Kain, the dark elf, a new guy who I don't remember, and (kinda) Techy defended the bar. Needless to say, Rhoslyn got thoroughly and completely owned, living only through the deus ex machina of the god he follows saving his a** to piss off the other god. During the GODFIGHT!, Jason attempted to circumvent the god's control of his mindslaves with a PRoT nuller device, but the god withdrew before the effect could occur.