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Q u i c k I n f o

Name: Dandy
Gender: Male
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 17
Eyes: Burgundy (purplish reddish brown)
Hair: Light blond, sleek, goes slightly past his neck & thins out near the bottom.
Body: Normal/Healthy, fair skin. Pretty tall, like 5'10".
Outfits: Doesn't care for dressing up much, usually wears anything comfortable and casual.
Personality: my-paced, laid-back, easygoing, quiet, friendly
Likes: daydreamning, being with others, outdoors, drawing, music
Dislikes: not many things

D e t a i l s

• He doesn't talk much but is actually very social and likes being with others. He would sit next to you but not say anything. Fortunately, others usually find his silence rather comforting.
• According to Mochi, you don't want to get Dandy angry. Ever.
• Bassist of M.M.Chasers (but can also play the guitar) btw he is left handed.

R e l a t i o n s h i p s

Mochi :
Dandy has been friends with Mochi for as long as he can remember and considers him as his best friend. He used to look up to Mochi a lot when they were younger but now that he's outgrown Mochi, he finds it amusing but sweet when Mochi stands up for him. Dandy's probably the only one that's patient enough to put up with all of Mochi's antics but he enjoys it. He and Mochi started the M.M.Chasers after playing some hours of Rockband (he already knew how to play bass/guitar by this time but he played with mochi for fun).

Dandy met Garua in an art class and had a small crush on her at first but after getting to know her, he is more than happy to have her as just a friend. He admires Garua as a designer and sometimes models for her. They also enjoy playing their guitars together.

Susali :
A nice girl in his art class. He would sit next to her if Garua isn't there since he doesn't want to sit by himself. Although they haven't talked much, he finds her presence pleasant.

Motoru :
When Dandy sees Motoru being his emo self in some emo corner by himself, he does his thing, joining him but doesn't say anything. You'd think it's awkward but it works for some reason, it's like they have their own language going on called Silentese or something. Dandy was pleased when Motoru became their vocalist.

Geromi :
Respects Geromi for his determination and perseverance. He was moved by how much Geromi wanted to join the M.M.Chasers and helped him improve at the guitar. Dandy considers Geromi a fun and interesting guy to be around and finds Geromi's stories highly amusing (half the time he thinks Geromi is joking but he plays along anyway).

Azure :
The popular crowd doesn't bother with him, and he doesn't bother with them. (aka he doesn't really know her).

Dexter :
No matter how easygoing Dandy is, Dexter's singing is probably one of the very few things that he just can't deal with. He tries to hide his distaste when Dexter sings but it's HARD.