Elizabeth gasped and jumped back as the shards scattered across the floor.
She was not afraid, how could she fear this man?
A man who had already dragged her through the darkest reaches of hell and back and to hell again.

She had no shame, there was no need to be ashamed, how could she when all she done was out of desire, not love. Her heart remained in one place, her eyes in once place, her loyalty in once place.
Who was he, a man that gave his vows and love to another woman, his adoration to another woman, his embrace to another woman, to question anything that she did!?

NO! She ignored it, because who was she, a woman to share her body with another man to question his trust and affection.
No, she would question it, because she did not have it. She, as a woman who was given a pledge by him as a man.
"I would not deny those things that you have accused me of. Of course not, unlike you I have no need to hide the things that I have done."

She wanted to smile, to mock him but anger seized her.
Elizabeth was calm, poised as a cat, striding towards her prey, "Unlike you my love, a woman that hides in our bed? Behind my doors, our walls, giggling the name that was given to me, as if I were her play thing?"

"No, my dear Carmichael...it is you who has been unfaithful, those words that you courted me with uttered to some dame that should have been long forgotten!?
No my dear love, it is you, not was or will but is you who have disgraced me with these words. Your folly! HA!"

She stepped back, a hand on the latch that locked the door. "My good sir, you will more certainly leave me...alone over a mess that was caused by you. Yes my good sir, you will leave, but it will not be by this door, nor the window...." she turned the latch, "No my sweet man, it will be by my kiss that you shall leave."

At that Elizabeth strode towards him, piece of glass in her hand.