Christina took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly forcing her perky d-cups to rise and fall in the same regard. At the moment her beautiful green eyes were covered by a blindfold. If she could even begin to describe the events that had just transpired earlier that month she would be able to say that she had accepted a job offered by the father of a childhood friend whom she had not seen for the past seven years without fully understanding the extent of the job.

She was dressed in a scandalous French maid outfit that was meant to be her inform on day's end. She had needed the money in order to be able to afford grad school. When she ran into the father of her childhood friend and mentioned that she was looking for a job he immediately told her that he knew of the perfect position. Her wrists were tied in red ribbon to the headboard of the bed. She could feel the soft sheets under her. She had agreed to be a maid but it was clear that her duties were expected to extend to be more than that. Her beautiful blonde hair cascaded down her back. Christina had grown up to be quite the beauty from her luscious pink lips, delicate complexion, to hour glass figure, perky breasts, and supple a** she was a great catch. It was when she heard the door open that she perked up. "Hello?"