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NAME : Margaret Hilgari

AGE : 22

HEIGHT : 5'8"



STYLE : Margaret has a more casual but elegant style. She will almost always be seen in darker shades of colors and, 9 times out of 10, she will be wearing either a black tank top, dark colored jeans or both.

Margaret is a quiet person but when she gets close to someone she is protective and loyal from that point forward. She, for the most part, prefers to keep to herself, and she never gives out any personal information unless she has found someone that she truly trusts. She has been known to give out false last names and other faulty information to keep who she really is a secret. Those who don't know her commonly refer to her as "that girl" when referring to her, being that her gender is one of the only thing most people know about her. Needless to say, she's very secretive, especially in regard to her love life -- she will usually shift the conversation towards another topic if it comes up.

She has no known family, perhaps because she was disowned when she became a young adult. Throughout her life, she has had only one true friend, Simone, but unfortunately Simone was brutally murdered when she was twenty. It is rumored that Simone was able to reach out to just a few people before she finally passed due to numerous injuries that ended up being fatal. The only thing she spoke of was an agreement involving Margaret and some sort of businessman. Not much is known other than this, as Simone passed before she could disclose any details. Margaret and Simone were close and would talk about everything, so it's quite possible that she felt as though Margaret was in some sort of danger.

Margaret relocates quite often, as she is, what you would call, "on the run." She isn't necessarily being chased, but she can't stay in one location too long, otherwise suspicions will grow. For approximately 3 years, Margaret has been seducing young, eligible bachelors. When she has them wrapped around her finger, she steals what she can and lures each of them to a specific location -- where her boss resides. Each bachelor she is completely stripped of the rest of their belongings and are basically beaten to a pulp, if not killed, to prevent their "arrangement" from being leaked. When the deed is done, Margaret is given a certain percentage of what was taken, and then it's on to the next fish in the sea.

When Margaret was 21, Margaret began falling in love with the man she had been attempting to lure. Her boss began growing suspicious, as Margaret wasn't doing her job. Because of her lack of work, he brutally murdered him in front of Margaret. Despite all of this, the only people she normally feels comfortable around is men.