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This is the vampire story!!!!! (Updated)
You can’t stay neutral in this war. And it’s not about who kills more or whose side of town you come to first. It’s which side helps you out in a pinch, offers you a place to stay and food….then feeds you a sob story that makes even someone without a heart feel depressed. Though some of those stories are true, most of them are a load of crap. Remember that, trust me it’s the most important thing you’ll ever learn out here.

There are no facts, just fabrications. No one really knows how vampires came about. Sure there are stories, but that’s all they are, stories! It makes me so pissed sometimes. I mean sure there is a reason for this war, but sometimes it’s just not worth it. It’s not worth it to see the dead and undead count rise every day. I hate this place, but then again I love it. I have friends here, and enemies. So many enemies……

I wasn’t even born here. Part of me wishes I never came to this town, part of me hopes I’ll never leave. All I know is that leaving now is not an option. Cause tomorrow, may be my last day alive, and I know I cannot run from my fate.

I write this as a warning, if you are a human, or even a vampire that does not wish to end up dead, please leave now while you still have a chance. This is the only warning you will ever receive……please do not toss it aside.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(This is where I last left off)

My name is Anehta, or at least that's what everyone calls me. After my parents death I decided to leave the past behind, including my name. I ran away from my aunt. You would have too, she was gonna put me in finishing school. I would rather live in hell than live there. But then again that would be my ultimate hell.

So I ran. At the first town I came to I stayed next to a kendo club. I used to watch there sessions and, using a piece of bamboo, I taught myself the moves. While they are slightly varied from those taught at a dojo, they'll sure as hell get the job done...most of the time. Trust me when you live on the road like I do the first rule is learn how to kick some a**.

Now I may sound like some punk when I say that, but trust me on this one. Especially when you're a girl, you run into to so many sick pervs, and psycho killers, you wouldn't last a day without some lessons in defense 101. And defense 101 won’t help you much in this town either. You might make it through to the other side, if you're lucky.

The town of Zamban is divided into three parts, the vampire side, the human side, and the town square. The vampire and human sides are pretty self explanatory. The races are to live in their respective territories as agreed to in the treaty. Now no one remembers when the treaty was signed or if it even exists. And if you're thinking that it's stupid to follow the rules of something that probably doesn't even exist, you're absolutely right!

But here's the thing. It's kinda like one of those unspoken codes. And neither side wants to be the first to break it. So I bet you're wondering, "Anehta, if they reside on separate sides of town and follow the treaty what's the problem?" Well I'm glad you asked....whoever you are. Cause there's still the town center, and that is no mans land, which causes some of the problems.

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  • User Comments: [6]
    eek *wants more*....

    comment DarkNyx · Community Member · Mon Mar 05, 2007 @ 10:08pm
    Lol Ok!

    comment sec259 · Community Member · Mon Mar 05, 2007 @ 10:21pm
    DIIS IST AWESOME!! heart

    comment edwina_half_elven · Community Member · Thu Mar 08, 2007 @ 04:55pm
    It's coming along great, keep it up! ^^

    comment willowz13 · Community Member · Thu Mar 08, 2007 @ 07:26pm
    MORE MORE!!! domokun domokun lol. xd
    great job. ^^

    comment Rose with Thorns · Community Member · Fri Mar 09, 2007 @ 12:14am
    thats a good story.I seem to have an all-devoruring appetite for good storys domokun

    comment mystofmana · Community Member · Sun Mar 11, 2007 @ 02:21am
    User Comments: [6]

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