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. Valentine's Journal .
. . . . . .
Death Stranding .

The following is a retrospective review on the most recent
" love it or hate it " videogame .... Death Stranding.

Until the break-line , this review will be spoiler free.
You've been warned.




Death Stranding.
The lovechild of a passionate game designer , Sony , and
the break-away parents of a company that forced him into
a box of artistic stalemate.

If your unknown of the man , but knowing of videogames , you
for sure then know of his history in the creation of the Metal Gear
series that he's trademarked known for creating... wither he wants
to or not.

Regardless, with his new-found freedom has brought us a videogame
that is all about a man named SAM . His mission , to unite the
last remaining cities of a decimated USA ( now the UCA ) ... by
being the best god damn mailman ... EVER .

It's a boring game, with fantastic visuals , but boring and repetitive gameplay.
All the story is about , is you , going from one end of america to the other,
as a mailman. That's it. Might as well not even play the game.
Don't even waste your time.... hell, maybe watch someone else
play the game for like... 2 or 4 hours , realize this , and move on.
It looks so boring anyway. So why bother ?
Only gets a score cause it's visually breathtaking.
4 / 10







Are they gone ?
...It's just us now , right ?
*sigh. I'm glad.

What you read before now is for those whom are...
.... well to put it blunt , only enjoy games because they get to DO something.

Granted , games are not all made equal .
People DO love " call of duty " and " fortnight " after all so... yeah.


But you.
You are different. Your willing to notice that this game is special.
I didn't lie before , this game is the lovechild of very stressful situations.
But in all the best ways. To put it into perspective...
.... this is a game , made for us ....
And so, this review is made the same way.
A front, to dash away those that see a large wall of text and think...
... nah , i don't need to read the rest . I get the jist . Game sucked a**.

We don't want them here.
No... thats not true.
" I " don't want them here.
This game's not for them.... this story's not for them.
They wouldn't get it.

So let me tell you what DEATH STRANDING truly is all about...


Your name is Sam Bridges.
You where close to a few people in your past, but due to your
wife and child being... emulated ...you where left all alone.
And so you went solo.

Your job... is that of a Porter.
Your world is RACKED with a unknown power.... fueled by death.

Timefall... rain that as it falls , speeds up time. All it touches , ages.
When it is still on the earth, it becomes normal water again.

BTs .... creatures of the death , whom try to do the same.
They look like oil , they move like oil , they kill like beasts.

Chrilaum... when BTs die, or Timefall is heavy in an area , this appears.
It is rumored that this substance was here long before cavemen....

BB .... a baby , born dead from a still-mother's womb , used to detect BTs.
Are they really dead ? Perhaps they are just tools.

Voidout... when someone dies, the body becomes decay.
After a short time, they implode, and create more BTs.
Very few ways to avoid this tragic fate...

Death Stranding.
An explosion.

...the other side....


Your mission , although you are a delivery man , is to help people.
Some people only need a bit of help. Some require... more.
And as you help, connect them to the Chiral Network.... a network
made of Chrilaum , with ties to The BEACH , that works like a sort
of internet... but much more connected.
As you go from city to city , you'll pass by many people along the
way... and it's your job not only to connect them all...
...but find out why it's even worth doing in the first place...

Sounds like the same kind of game i said before, but even now
im only being vague. THIS is what the game is about , sure , but
there is so much more.... there always is.

A story happens.... Sam learns and grows...
We find value in connecting with people.
Because that's the message thats being told here... Connection.
Without connections to someone... anyone... we are all WEAK.
A singular link , and a chain that doesn't exist.
But when people connect together, come together, as a whole...
When people can put aside hate, fear, worry.... and unite...
Those links make a chain that is VERY unbreakable.

....and it's a message america needs the most right now.
In-game , it's very direct .... but metta-wise , its a statement on
how divided we all honestly are. Put it into perspective :

How many times today have you just... helped someone?
SAW someone being a raging s**t , and instead of getting mad
or ignoring them , you simply set aside yourself and... do what
you can to help them?

I could go on and on , but you get my point.
When's the last time you connected with someone you didn't know?
When's the last time you had an emotion that wasn't selfish?
....and can we start having those moments more and more often ?

Star Trek is a future where they took this point to a " T " , and built
a universal understanding that the only way forward is to ignore
bias and personal hate.... connect .... and come together as a
whole. As humans, and not just " americans " , or beyond.


But at this point I'm getting away from the game.

That... is the message it's trying to say.

The visuals and the music and the gameplay is ON POINT and wonderful.
To be sure.

But as always my saying... The only thing that matters , in anything , is story.
And trust me... if your willing to read all of my bullshit here in this entry , your
MORE than ready to watch or play this once-in-a-lifetime kind of video game.

Go enjoy yourself.

9.5 / 10
Could use a helicopter.



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