Chapter 6:

It took awhile for Vilkas to relax and share a few drinks with his brother. After a few bottles he finally seemed to gather the courage to head for Breezehome. He had to remind himself the house was just as much his now as it was to his now wife. He wonders in, heading for the far left corner past the bookcase. He had seen the alchemy table the first time he entered the place. Right next to it was a enchanting spot as well. It looked used, he didn't doubt the woman knew how to use them both. He pokes into the near by chest to see that sure enough. One was stuck with all kinds of ingredients. The other held all the potions she had made. There were quiet a lot in there suggesting she neither used them nor sold them. He shouldn't be touching any of this stuff, he had no idea how to use any of it. He spots a door against the wall and slowly opens it. He slightly jumps to see a few trophies in there. Standing on a large pedestal was a large ice troll. It takes him a minute to realize it wasn't alive. She also had three smaller ones. One holding a mudcrab, a wolf, and a snow fox. He looks up to see a latter and follows it to a small tower. It was a simple set up, a few chairs, plants, and a view of the town. He had never noticed the spot before, but judging by the fact there was a book up here Sara must come up here often.

It was quiet as this hour, but he decides to just head back down for now. The place had to feel lonely at times. He wondered how she managed to stay like this for as long as she did. Sure it had it's perks, but he would miss his brother if he wasn't around. Unable to sleep he picks out a book, gets a fire going and just reads for the rest of the night. Sara hadn't returned until noon the next day. She had tracked down the Hagraven and managed to kill it before it could harm anyone. She managed to return with some of it's feathers, and a few claws for her collection. Vilkas had gone to Jorrvaskr by then. When she walks in he just beams and walks over to her. She was a bit surprised when he just seems to come out of nowhere and wraps his arms around her. "It's so good to see you my love." She blinks as she lets out a slight giggle. "I wasn't gone that long, but uh it's good to see you to...dear." She couldn't help but get a little cheeky with the man. But he just seemed to damn happy to see her, it was sweet. She turns to Aela and holds out the feathers. "I killed the Hagraven, lucky enough no one had been hurt." Aela seemed pleased as she turns to have a chat with Skjor about this. Vilkas watches the two closely before they head outside. He frowns at this as he turns to his brother. He too seems to nod as Vilkas turns to Sara. "I'll be back." He kisses the top of her head before they wondered outside. She shrugs it off, not really thinking much about it.

The Underforge, was place just as old as the Skyforge itself. Only the Circle could enter this place and Kodlak shift from side to side. He calmly waits however as the twins show up. Aela just smiles, though it always looked predatory. Skjor was the first to speak. "Well, good news, a scholar came to me the other day with some news. There's a chance that a piece of Wuuthrad might be located in Dustman's Cairn." Wuuthrad, was a large battleaxe that had once belonged to Ysgramor himself. However it had been in pieces for almost a thousand years. The Companions had been trying to gather the fragments ever since. Kodlak turns to Skjor after a moment of thought. "I take it you already worked out who to send after the fragment?" Skjor nods his head to his Harbinger. "I believe we should send in the New Blood, to prove her worth to us." Many of the other members had been put to the test. This would be simple enough. "I think Farkas should be her Shield-Brother." Vilkas turns his head at this. He wasn't sure what to think of the plan, but he couldn't see fault in it. It wasn't uncommon to switch out who traveled with who. "I agree, I think my brother and my wife can handle it. You just look after her." Farkas just gives his usual smile. "You bet." With that the Circle parted and Skjor wonders about before finding Sara.

She was sitting outside, looking past one of the watch post. She was looking up at the large mountain known as the Throat of the World. She was looking up at the monastery that was High Hrothgar. She had no idea she could see the place from this far away. She half turns to see the often grump of a warrior. Perhaps it was just the fact he had a long scar over his right eye, leaving it blind. "It looks closer from this angle." She wasn't really sure how to approach the man. he didn't seem all that interested in talking to her up till now as he slowly steps closer. "Not many make the trip, some say it's peaceful, other's say it's dangerous." She couldn't really argue with that. "It's a bit of's so far removed from everyone. And the first time I made the trip I ran into a Ice Troll." The thing had surprised her and she almost slid off the path. "So what can I do for ya?" He seems to look her over. He was going bold, what little grey hair he had was tied behind his head. "Your time, it seems, has come." Her brows furrow at this. "What do you mean?" He gives her a slight smile. "Last week a scholar came to us. He said he knew where we could find another fragment of Wuuthrad. He seemed a fool to me, but if he's right, the honor of the Companions demands that we seek it out." She knew what Wuuthrad was, she had seen the weapon up close when she met Ysgramor himself. Though she didn't think they would believe her for a second. "This is a simple errand, but the time is right for it to be your Trial. Carry yourself with honor, and you'll become a true Companion." So this was a test of sorts so she bows her head to him. "As you wish."

Skjor continues to keep his good eye on her. "Farkas will be your Shield-Sibling on this venture, whelp. He'll answer any questions you have. Try not to disappoint. Or to get him killed." With that he turns and heads back inside. The rest was up to her now it seems. She looks around the training yard. It was a small area with training dummies and targets. Nothing grand but it got the job done. She soon spots the large Nord heading her way as she smiles up at him. "So you get to be my Shield-Brother during this trail?" He tries to keep this as professional as possible. But he couldn't really help but smile back at her. "So I'm told. Let's see if you impress." He was more then ready to head out. But she had returned from a long trip from the road and needed some rest. She hadn't slept since she left. "Tomorrow, we'll head out tomorrow, give me some time to stock up on arrows and such and get some sleep." Shadowmere was the fastest horse this side of Tamriel. It was a creature of magic and needed no sleep, so it made traveling all the faster for her. "Besides I get the strangest feeling your brother missed me for the short amount of hours I was away." She chuckles softly as Farkas just nods. "He might over think things but I think he loves ya." She spots Vilkas not to far off as she watches him. "Yeah...I think I picked that up." She pats his arm before heading off.

Vilkas, seemed to just enjoy having her around. Seems now that he was more used to her. He just liked the idea of having her close now. She didn't mind, it was a first in her book. They just spent the rest of the day picking up a few things before heading home. She now had a larger stock of arrows and some extra healing potions. She had a large stock of them, just in case. This gave Vilkas the chance to ask her a few things. "I saw all the potions you made." She blinks as she looks at the two chest sitting along side the table. "Oh those, most of the bottles in there were practice. They won't do a thing so I just stored them. Figured no one would buy them." She wasn't an expert when it came to potions. In fact it was still a skill she was trying to learn. Slowly, but surly she was starting to understand it better. "So you're still learning?" Sara nods at this. "It was something new so I figured I could give it a try. I'm just glad I haven't blown something up yet." She actually was surprised that hadn't happen, but it was bound to as some point. "Don't worry I won't test my potions on you. I'm not that mean." She smiles at him as he chuckles, walking up to her. He places his hands on her face and pulls her in, kissing her lightly. It was light at first, then he parted her lips and before long his tongue as gliding across her's. He holds her there for a moment, enjoying her simple taste.

He pulls away after a minute or so, a bit breathless. Her eyes flutter at him, her face turning pink. "Wow..." He chuckles again as he presses his forehead against her's. She had never experienced the feeling of being loved before. At least not on this level before. Farkas wasn't joking, the man had fallen for her. It wasn't all that uncommon to see married couples that hated one another. "I won't lie...I never...loved someone before. Sure I had a good number of people I was close to. Even the man that raised me, but that's a different kind of affection." Vilkas was still holding her, just gazing into her eyes. "I can get used to this though." He seems pleased with this as he kisses the tip of her nose. "Tell me of the man that raised you.." Her brow raises at this. "Mayden? He was a dark elf, a decedent to Elf by the name of Modryn. He had been around during the whole Oblivion Crisis.." She hadn't really thought of the man in quiet some time. "He returned home...oh some years ago to retire, the old man is still in Solstheim. I got to visit him when I had to travel there. So he's still kicking, can't imagine how he'd think about this though..." The poor man almost fainted when she told him she was the Dragonborn. "But I've always been independent so he's more like the grumpy uncle I get to visit from time to time." Vilkas hadn't let her go through the whole thing. It amazed her how he always seemed interested in what she had to say. "Maybe I'll take you there."

Vilkas had always wanted to travel to Morrowind. Solstheim was close enough by his guess. "I would be honored my love." She feels herself blush again at this. "I get the feeling you'd follow me into Oblivion itself if you had to." She sees the determined look in his eyes. She didn't doubt for a second that he would indeed follow her no matter what. "Just do me a favor?" She tilts her head at him, her long dark hair falling to the side. "Of course." "Look after my brother, I know without a doubt he'll watch your back without fault." "You bet, I look forward to working with him. Even if he doesn't say much." Vilkas lets out a low sigh. "Aye, it normally takes him awhile to answer but he means well." "It's fine, honestly it doesn't bother me none." She had noticed the difference between them. Even if Farkas wasn't as well read as his brother she found she liked the guy. "A day out killing stuff sounds like a grand time." She wanted to spend some time with the guy anyways to get to know him better. "Now how about some dinner?" He lets out a low growl as she slowly pulls away from him. "Now now, don't get all grumpy on me now." He kisses her one last time before letting go. The wolf really didn't like letting her go. But the promise of food was to good to pass up. She normally didn't cook, at least nothing fancy. But she had picked up a thing or two while traveling and she was capable of making more then just cooked meat. Though that's normally what she ate on the road. She would just hunt along the way and cook it at night.

They sat side by side as they enjoyed their meal. "Who showed you how to cook?" Sara turns to Vilkas as she thinks it over. "I picked it up from the people I traveled with. Mostly other fighters, we would hunt and cook our meals over an open fire." Simple, like everything else about her. She wasn't one for flare, even with everything she owned. She mostly just came by what she had or bought it over time. Vilkas found he liked it, not to over the top but good. "I took a look around while you were gone, I saw the tower.." She smiles at this. "It's lovely isn't it, I go up there to read at times. Hope me stuffed friends didn't scare you." "The Troll got me..." He wasn't about to lie that it hadn't gave him a small heart-attack. "Yeah I'll admit I'm not sure if adding those were a great idea, but I wasn't sure what else to do with the small space. So I get to scare the crap out of people." She turns her eyes up. "Sad to say I think the mannequins scare me more." She had two upstairs and one downstairs. Vilkas had noticed them, but hadn't said anything. More so because one wore the old armor of Ulfric Stormcloak. The other was dressed as his second in command Galmar. "Really, mannequins?" She sticks her tongue out at him. "They'er creepy okay, don't judge me..." Vilkas would never tell her that mages still scared him seeing as she was one. As long as she didn't use it near him he was fine. Everyone had something they feared after all. His brother had spiders of all things and would often talk him into killing the tiny invaders.

"The woman who can shout at dragons fears something that can't even move." She swats at him playfully. "Shut up I swear I'll make you sleep down here for the night!" He just gets up and without warning he lifts her into his arms as she struggles. "Hey!" He just grins at her as he turns and heads up the stairs. "You were saying?" "I can still Shout at you, but I won't do it in the house." She didn't want to unleash her Thu'um indoors in a place like this. She would no doubt break just about everything in sight. They reach their room and he sits her on the bed. She crosses her arms at him as she watches him. "It's hardly fair you can lift me like I weigh nothing." He looks her over as he huffs. "You're hardly heavy my love, I think my sword has more weight to it then you do." She was a skinny thing, more muscle then anything, but lean like most women. "Yeah you're just like to show off." She kicks off her boots and makes some room for him to join her. She really did need to get some sleep. It wasn't long before he joined her and wraps his arms around her, holding her close. He liked it more when he had her in his arms. Her scent just had this way of calming him in ways he never thought possible. Even his wolf at ease around her, which was such a rare thing for him. He kisses her lightly as she smiles at him. "Go to sleep, trouble." She nuzzles into him and closes her eyes. It took her a few minutes but she slowly drifts to sleep. Vilkas watched her before he too joined her. Making sure to keep her as close as he could for the night.