Chapter 2: {The armor she has is a mod. [X] It's so awesome}

For the first time in many years Vilkas felt no rush to get out of bed. His hands trace his woman's skin as his eyes roam over her body. It suddenly hits him she's a fighter. She's all muscle, but it's not unattractive. She doesn't seem to mind as he takes his time to explore her. A large hand takes her breast and he seems pleased. She just seemed to fit him perfectly, and it was a damn shame they didn't meet sooner. His hand trails down to her scar and she could see the frown on his face. He was trying to figure out how this mark came to be. "Got stabbed." He jolts at her voice as he gazes into her eyes. She just gives him a helpless shrug. "You want the long version or the short?" He just rises a dark brow at her and she lets out a low sigh. Might as well tell him everything. He was going to find out anyways. "I joined the Thieves Guild, don't know, some months ago because I had dealing with them earlier looking for a fellow hiding in the Ratway." She could already see the anger set in. The Companions were not a huge fan of thieves. "Now, relax, truth be told I never stole a damn thing during my time with them, but I knew something was going on, so I joined." He lets out a loud huff through his nose. "Turns out I was right, to make this as simple as I can, their current Guild Master Mercer, had been stealing from the guild for years. He was able to get into their vault by using the Skeleton Key he had stolen from the previous Guild Master. He killed Gallus for the key and pointed the finger at a fellow guild member. He didn't want me tell his secret and tried to kill me. As you can see he failed and we got him in the end for what he did."

He seems to take this all in, his body still. She keeps her eyes on him, wondering what he was thinking. Vilkas was a smart man, well read, unlike his brother Farkas who only wanted to punch first ask questions later. But he believed her as he slowly seems to nod. "You have a habit of getting in trouble?" She just smirks up at him. "Oh you have no idea, the drunkenly getting married is a first for me." His eyes seem to narrow a bit, but he shakes his head at her. "We should get going, I need to return to brother is going to kill me." She tilts her head to the side. "You have a brother?" "Aye, Farkas, he's my twin, though he's a bit taller then me. He's also more built then I." She could only picture the large Nord and it made her shiver. There were two of these men and given just how handsome Vilkas was, she could only imagine what his brother was like. "So I have a brother-in-law, any other family I should know about?" He shakes his head sadly. "Nay, just our Harbinger Kodlak. He's not my real pa but he raised us both after Jergen found us and left to go fight in the war. Other then that it's just us." She touches his cheek lightly. "Well you have your brother at least and a place to call home." He keeps his eyes on her. "What of you?" She just shakes her head at him. "My parents died in the war, how I'm not sure. But they were members of the Fighter's Guild so I ended up with them. Much like you, I was raised by warriors. So I learned to fight."

He seems pleased with this and slowly lets her go. It took awhile but he had to get up at some point. Hard to do when all he wanted was to touch this Goddess of a woman. They wash up as they start to get dressed. He still had more questions as he watched her. "You said your job was taken by the Thalmor?" She nods as she slips on her tunic. "About...a year ago, this High Elf just waltz his way into my office and tells me we're being shut down. Tells me we weren't needed anymore and my job as Guild Master was now forfeit...I may have punched him in the face." She rubs the back of her neck. "He had it coming." He looks at her in pure awe as he straps on his armor. "You lead the Fighter's Guild?" She gives him this bright smile that made his knees weak. "Aye, when I turned twenty-one I was given the job...I'm..." She blinks as she looks up. "Oh hell, thirty...something, it's so hard to keep track when you can't remember your birthday." She shakes her head as she pulls out her armor from her chest she kept by her bed. He pauses as he looks at her armor. It's unlike anything he's seem before. It looks to be pure steal, but had a shine to it. The carvings on it weren't anything he was familiar with. "That armor..." He was speechless as she straps it on. It fit her body perfectly. But he could see it was heavy armor. "You like it, I made it myself. I learned how to craft my own armor and weapons from the guild. It was just cheaper then having to always buy it and find the wrong fit."

She looks at his own armor. His was a steal armor with a wolf head on the breastplate. It looked strong, but no where near the same quality she was able to make. "I can also craft ebony armor and Daedric, but I just really happen to like this armor." She turns to see he was at her side again. He just seems to admire the look of the armor as his hand trails over her arms. "It' made this?" He was still trying to wrap his mind around the idea someone could make armor this strong. She lets out a light chuckle. "I did indeed, it's mostly steal, iron, and a bit of ebony." Vilkas had never learned how to make armor, Farkas knew a tiny bit, but nothing to this scale. "I can make you a set when we get to Whiterun, I still have enough material for a set, can even make you a weapon." She sees the large two-handed sword strapped to his back. "Two-handed, I can craft something you'd like." He was stunned, he wasn't sure if he should take the offer or not. "I know, you're a Companion and you mostly get your gear from the Skyforge. I had the pleasure of meeting Eorlund myself awhile back. But I assure you my work is just as good as his." "I don't doubt it.." It took him awhile to find his voice. "I'll give it some thought.." She wasn't going to push the man so she leaves it at that. She makes them some breakfast before heading out the back door to her house. He pauses to see she had her own deck to overlook the lake. It was quiet the view as he sees a set of stair leading to the ground bellow.

He follows after her, taking note she carried two long swords on her and a bow. The swords seemed to be the same make as her armor, and the bow was made of ebony. So she didn't use a shield, it was going to be interesting to see her fight. They reach the stables as she turns to him. "We can take the carriage, or you are free to use my horse." She points to a large stead with strange red eyes. "I have another horse I can use and we can travel to Whiterun a bit quicker." He wasn't sure what to make of this strange animal. It seemed to hold this, other worldly vibe to it his wolf didn't like. "Where did you get such an animal, it doesn't look natural." She wasn't sure what to say as she runs her fingers through her hair. "It's a long story, but Shadowmere is a good horse, he won't bite." She smiles as she just walks up to the large horse and pats his neck. The horse in return gives her a nibble and a nudge. "I'll take my chance with the carriage." She just shrugs and makes her way to pay for a ride to Whiterun. It was a good price and she just sits herself down. Vilkas joins her and soon they take off. He sits himself right next to her as he lowers his head. "So how did you end up here?" She tilts her head. "Riften, or just Skyrim in general?" "Skyrim...what made you come this far north?"

She takes in a slow breath, well this was going to get interesting. "Right, so with no work to be found, I made my way north. Figured I'd take my chance to just see something new." Sure she could have became a guard or something else, but it felt hollow. She liked to travel, she didn't want to stay planted in one spot. "Well, I just entered Helgen to see a large group of people. Didn't know then, but the Imperial Legion had managed to catch Ulfric. Just as they were about to bring him forward to cut of his head when out of nowhere, I just hear this low thundering roar. Looked up just in time to see this shadow land on a tower and the next thing I know I'm running for my life. It's a God's damn dragon and it's raining fire, I don't think I ran so fast in my whole life." She takes in a deep breath as she continues. She was surprised when he takes a hold of her hand. "You were in Helgen when it was attacked....?" She gives him a small nod. "I was, it was pure chaos, not many people made it out. But the next thing I know I'm running all over Skyrim, thanks to this dragon..." She lets out a low laugh as he seems to take in all this information. A lone woman, the rumors of the Dragonborn. His eyes go wide as he slowly turns to her. "By're the Dragonborn....." He watches her blush as she turns away. "That I am, imagine my surprise when I help kill a dragon attacking the Watchtower outside Whiterun. It dies and soon it just, turns to bone and all I feel is this strange warmth..."

She could never really put it to words what it was like to not only kill a dragon. But take it's very soul for herself. She had killed countless dragons in her time in Skyrim, as well as the ones she took from Miraak. It was by far one of the strangest rushes she had ever fault. "Next thing I know I can Shout things half across a field without even thinking about it...." She goes quiet as she looks at him. There's that look of awe on his face again. He just that there, amazed, as well as trying to figure how how he managed to get this lucky. Those silvery eyes just sparkle as he looks at her. "You killed Alduin, I remember hearing about some crazed woman that used Dragonsreach to capture a dragon." "Odahviing...yes he was not pleased but he got me to where I needed to go in order to face Alduin one last time." He had no idea what to even say about this. He had heard so many stories over the months about this mystery Dragonborn. "So you really got to see Sovngarde?" His voice was so light, and full of wonder. "I was...such a jolt, finding myself there and still be alive.." She shakes her head as she recalls the memory. "Most of it was covered in this thick fog that Alduin had made. All you could really see was this huge shadow dip in, steal a soul, and vanish..."

It still made her shutter to think that if she had been a spirit, she to could have been taken. "Not sure just how much I can say outside of that, but I faced against Alduin, and..I'm not really sure what became of him. I didn't take his soul, I think he was far to powerful for my tiny mortal body to handle. I think Akatosh took him back, but I don't know for sure..." It wasn't a fight she would soon forget. Vilkas was still holding her hand, his body turned to her's. Once again he found himself speechless. It takes him awhile to swallow past the lump in his throat. "So then...the rumors..." She tilts her wondering just how much he heard. "How you joined the Legion, and faced against you joined the Collage in Winterhold and became it's new Arch-Mage...are those true?" It still amazed her just how much people talked. She found it a bit creepy just how fascinating people found her just because she was the Dragonborn. "Those are true..." She watches his face as his brows slowly knit together in anger. "You joined the Dark Brotherhood..." He had heard passing rumors that the Dragonborn had been seen with the group of assassins. Not only that but someone among the group had a hand in killing the Emperor. "You.." He suddenly becomes rather angry as he moves away from her. "How, why, how could you do such a thing?!"

The driver turns his head and she just gives him a small smile. "It's nothing..." But Vilkas leaps out of the carriage and she quickly follows after him. "Vilkas wait!" The man was quick, but she was able to catch up to him. She pauses however to see something animalistic about his gaze. She sees the ring of amber in his eyes as he lets out a growl. "No stay back!" He was angry, and he didn't want to lash out against her. No matter how badly he wanted to. He takes a step back as he tries to calm himself. "You're a murderer!" His anger was rising again, feeling stupid for being so blind. She just holds up her hand, trying her best to calm him. She wasn't sure if she could really justify what she did. But she felt it was something that needed to be done. "I won't lie, I killed the Emperor..." He was the first person outside the Brotherhood she told this to. She watches as his fist tighten as he takes another step back. "Why, you're suppose to protect people!?" She lets out a low sigh, still holding up her hands. "It had to be done, all the lives ruined by Titus. He had to answer for it. Mine, locals who were hunted just for worshiping Talos..." She throws out her hands. "If I hadn't done it it was only a matter of time before some else did, and I wont lie I'd be happy to do it again..."

She throws up her hands as she places them at her side. Vilkas was still in a rage, how could this beautiful woman do such a thing? It's where Arnbjorn had ran off to. after taking the Beastblood he raveled in killing others for just the fun of it. He didn't want to picture her doing the same, and yet she just admitted she would do it again. He needed to run, get away, before he did something he would regret. "I'll met you in Whiterun..." He quietly whispers to her. "You do not follow me, are we clear?" Her eyes turn glassy but she nods, understanding. "I'll met you there.." She turns and walks away, heading back to the carriage. The driver doesn't ask questions which she was thankful for. As for Vilkas, the rage had become to much as he heads deeper into the forest. He quickly sheds his armor as he lets out a Earth shattering howl. It echos across the field and the diver hears it as well as her. The driver picks up the pace as she sits there, looking out to the wild plains before her. He was a Companion, she had a chance to talk to Arnbjorn as it slowly hits her. "He's a werewolf...." He had left to shift and hunt, as to not take out his anger out on her. She slowly sits back, she had met werewolves before. But now it's slowly sinking in she had married one and he now knew of what she had done. Only time would tell if he would forgive her or not but she got the feeling he was going to be angry about this for quiet some time.