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. Valentine's Journal .
. . . . . .
Enchiridion . Chapter 1 . Towns Town .
Chapter One

Towns Town



Although the overall lore of GAIA will be touched upon at a later time,
for now... stay with me , as I bring you to the 2nd era of GAIA's life.

Back in GAIA's 2nd Era , during the time of the last of the connected
gods and goddesses of GAIA was starting to wane, the mixed inhabits
of the planet became tired of bickering and war between each other.

And so , a group of 4 beings banned together .... and the sages began
to pray to almighty Goddess Gaia , the Over-watching Goddess of which
the planet was namesake for. They prayed for a way to come together,
a way to come close to one another, away from harm and hardship of
the outside.... A place all of her children that walk GAIA could feel
safe to express , and talk , and play and laugh and whatever they desire.

.... And GAIA answered ....

GAIA begged the sages to offer there wisdom to her.... so she could
build grand walls both mighty as well as deep. Without question , they
did GAIA's will.... and there in the middle of the vast planes that once
took place a savage war rose four VAST and WIDE walls made of earth
and rock..... Which makes up the enormous square that now makes
up the border of Towns Town.


Or so the legend goes, anyway.

In physical truth, none still live today that knows the exact details
of how the walls went up that surround the complex and many homes
that reside the vast space that makes up Towns Town.... Or rather, if
any are that old, they've not once spoke the truth to anyone.

.... It's as the old saying goes , " In every story , in every lie , in every
fiction .... fact .... or beyond . . . . In every story , lies truth that was
the source of what is the reality of itself. " .

In other words , every story comes from something , or for some reason.
And the WALLS OF TOWNS TOWN are no different.


All in all though , Towns Town isn't really a .... " town " , so to say.

Imagine an almost endless square , filled from edge to edge with
homes and houses that anyone and everyone lives in.

It's almost a .... haunted place, if you will.
The closer you are to the edge, the more active the entire scene is.
Lots of people, lots of homes and makeshift shops , and so on.
Just like a town.

And as you get closer and closer to the center, the more and more
you'd find the oldest GAIANs , living on there own terms , enjoying
the peace they've earned by owning homes the longest....


There's a rumor that the reason why there's always space for yet
another NEW Gaian , is because of Towns Town 's center.
Something there allows for just.... SPACE ....to exist. A new house
where there wasn't before, just like how the person would want to
live.... fully able to allow him or her to change it as they see fit.

But no one's ever been to the center of Towns Town , or rather ,
any whom tried always end up just looping back to where they've
started from.... or in an similar distance away.

The same rumor suggests that only GAIA herself allows those
she desires to find the center. A rumor I ... might believe , as I
myself has already attempted many times in the past to walk
towards the center, with extremely mixed results.... all failures.


Still , be it a paradise , blessed from the goddess herself ....
.... a forgotten marvel of Gaian's intervention ....

Or just a place where Gaian's can choose to settle down if they want...

Towns Town is , in one way or another , truly blessed.
Because no matter what hardships face the planet itself....
Towns Town has never once succumbed to fated destruction.



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