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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Project X-Magic // Object Testing Phase 1 .
Project X-Magic // Object Testing Phase 1 .


What is the difference between something that lives, and something
that does not live. Answer : It's two-fold.

-To have a soul.
-To be in-control of one's own sense of self.

Remove one, and your lifeless.
Remove the other, and your thoughtless.

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango.


And yet, magic itself does not REQUIRE a soul, to exist.

As much as magic can be in nature or people... it can exist
within OBJECTS as well.... soul-less, life-less, beings of mater
that exist to be use as there desired will requires... or sometimes

To put it simply :

A living being requires the soul to exist, as that is our "battery".
To use our-selves, however, we require logic... hence the brain.
Objects lack both, yet we do not, therefore objects can exist via USE.
Magic within the body requires the body / soul for power...
....but the MIND to focus it.
Magic within the object requires nothing, as it's simply contained.
But with the body / mind / soul , we can take said magical object and USE it.



This is all per-determined talk. All of this, we already know.

Here, however, is where we dive in.


My studies begin first and foremost with the identifying both
the source of magic, as well as how it intertwines into a
subject's system. Though this issue proved to be a considerable
issue at first, I think I have found a possible solution.

I call it, The DNA Prism .

When it comes to a normal prism, it acts like a funnel for light and color,
as much as any vision that's placed into it's form... reflecting and refracting
all that go within, outward. Its why we see rainbows when the sun hits
glass... its why diamonds shine there gleam so bright... you get the idea.

The DNA Prism does .... so much more.

Thanks to Kirin's retelling of his land's history, I've learned of a way to
form pure crystal energy, " Stars " if you will, via a method of hopes,
dreams, and emotions... all poured into a singular source. A literal
beacon of hope, the stronger the source of energy... the stronger the Star.

In Kirin's case, it caused a evil madman to repent and change his
vile ways... with the left-over energy used to teraform his old and
impure ways into a new planet from where he could repay his debt
to those the wronged in life... creating a new world, species, or hell...
even a new way of life.

As such, I began my study on this newly found history... and though
the path to actually BUILD a Star in this manner seemed hopelessly
impossible to find.... find it I did.

Together with Sin, we created our own variant of the Star.

This... pure energy of magic, although EXTREMELY weaker than
of the legend Kirin informed me of, was placed within the NP Machine.
Considering that the Star was formed from pure living emotion,
I'm sure NP's design would've been able to improve the Star into
my expected goal... specially to the newly-cracked modifications I
was finally able to apply to NP (( to be reported on later )).

In the end , NP Machine was finally able to transmogrify the Star
into a small, hand-sized, prism. And at the moment of it's creation,
The Lab was sent into CODE RED.

....What Sin and I did, was focus our purest emotions, heart, and
being into the Star... with our thoughts on one focused point.

" A way to identify , detail , and focus , information of any subject "

What I did NOT realize, was the after-effects this would cause.

The INSTANT NP transformed the Star into a Prism, it began to
pinpoint subjects, and start it's process....


Lets just say.... before I was able to correct this issue, it was...
Very invasive , and knows zero boundaries.
....e....especially when it came to Sin's physical form.


I digress, After a.... well ok, after a LOT of modifications and hours,
we where finally able to get the Prism to basically focus it's purpose.

And so, The DNA Prism.


The DNA Prism :

- Named as such, as when used... is able to focus upon the subject's
every detail and exact design, right down to the DNA ( Limitations ) .

- ( Limitations ) :
It can not seem to focus on a few things, such as the nature of
the soul ( aka what it's made of, and / or , it's location in the body ).
It can also NOT determine personality, individualization, or self-awareness.
In basic terms, the Prism can only identify a subject in a manner
that would naturally be possible, if given a long time and zero information
about the subject.

So... if it can scan a subject... what can it determine exactly then ?

The prism would :

Know your age.
Know your height.
Know your size.
Know your gender / skin / ect physical outer appearance.
Know your physical inner appearance.
know your magical source, and like a blood stream, can trace it within
the body to determine how it's tracked with a subject's system.
Know your chemical / biological / technological nature, right down to
even the smallest strand of DNA.

The prism would NOT :

Know your name.
Know your personality / sexuality preferences / individual "anythings"
that would make a subject " one's own self ", like political thoughts.
Know your thoughts at any given moment.
Know your location or physical / ect properties of a subject's " soul " .
Know anything beyond the basic structure of DNA, like atoms.
-Apparently during it's first creation, it COULD go beyond.
However, at that point, in order to even observe it BEYOND the
usage of the prism, you would already be in the same position
to observe and study it by common means, thus rendering the
prism useless due to already-made hard work and effort to
achieve such success of study. As such, we limit the Prism's
abilities down to simply DNA, as the technology to study
DNA is highly easier to look into, rather than atoms or beyond.

It's current construction is a small, palm-sized, triangle prism, with
two flat triangle-shaped sides, and three rectangle-shaped sides.
Covered in a multi-layered, padded, casing... the prism has a small
hatch towards the center of the prism, where it can be opened, and
removed from the casing itself, for ease of access. The process
works by placing the prism upon a flat service, nearby a light
source, the prism's hatch... opened, and the subject required for
testing placed within the prism's apex point for sight, biased on
location of light source.

Phase one, the light source is turned on, it's beams go directly
into the prism, and are refracted into the subject.

Phase two, the light begins to make a subject feel warm to the
touch, but not hot or unsettling.

Phase three, after 3mins to 6hrs, the light that is refracted keeps
probing the subject, even if the light source is removed, until the
process is complete. If the subject is moved at any moment
during this process, the refracted light is removed and Phase four
begins.... otherwise Phase four NATURALLY begins once it
finishes it's study. (( please note that 6hrs is the longest we've gone.
it is suspected that the study COULD go longer, in theory... but this
has not yet been tested what-so-ever. )) .

Phase four, transfer of data begins to be produced OUT of the prism
and onto the nearest digital data-source of any kind. It is not fully
understood as to WHY it does this, however all data gathered and
stored is EXTREMELY detailed, lengthy, and presented in a easy...
if not precise ....manner. To counterbalance this, at the edge of
the casing for the prism, is a small chamber where a small 4Terabite
Data Flashdrive is stored within, to help focus this process to go
into a singular source, as well as a NON-REQUIRED source.
- Length of data is hard to determine. Example : Two subjects where
tested, one male one female, whom where almost exact in every way.
The same likes, dislikes, historical background, and so on.
Yet the FEMALE subject took about at least 2Terabites of Data,
while the MALE subject took about less than 1TB of Data.








With this, I have deiced a method to locate and identify magic,
as well a a subject's constitution , all at once.

Hopefully, with this, I can find ..... SOME way... to remove magic.

But.... for now, identification is fine enuf.


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