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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Report : The Final Re.Cap .
Report : The Final Re.Cap .










By now, it should go without saying both who I am... and what I once was.

But let us recap.


Long ago, in a different time, I was a young scientist
whom was under the study of mineral-tech development.
On my "home world", our lad was imbued with natural
ores that where used as fuel, as it stored pure naturnal
energy within. That's right, nature itself was an energy
that these ores stored like batteries... and my job was
the study of how to USE them beyond what we already

During this study, an accident occurred where a specifically
powerful ore was lodged into my being... granting me it's
natural energy. With it, I obtained the ability to use
time, as if like a tool... though it took many sightings of
my own self from other timelines to eventually convince
me of this. Specifically, a single self... whom made it a point
to do nothing but pester me.

Eventually, my "home" became under attack.
Everything began to vanish into nothingness of non-existence.
Though I was saved by other "me"s, I would never see that
place as it once was, ever again. With the help of the other
selves from different timelines, we where able to figure out the
cause..... A version of myself who was going around, absorbing
the other timelines that I... we... existed within. One after another.

Brandishing nicknames based off of our histories, we marched
towards what we called " Synergy " ....a collection of what was,
and what will be, the gathering of all that remained across any timeline
that ever existed. All at once, it was both the end of time... as well
as the start of time. There, I and three other "ME"s gathered, calling
upon the Time-Eater. And I watched in horror, as the time-eater
devoured two of my selves, before even saying hello.

Our granted powers comes at a cost, you know. To know time, is
to know loss... And for myself, it was no different. Where I was
losing my memory, and the only remaining sane self beside me lost
the use of his legs.... this monster before us, the time-eater, was
losing his body. He was becoming a shale.... some fissure of living
void and heartless confusion.

So when he stood there, and asked us how we where today...
....you can only imagine the look i must have given him.

The time-eater toyed with us for a while, as we tried to fight him.
I was able to pin him down with my spear for a time, allowing us
to advance backwards to recover for a time... and as we rested,
there it was... in ruins before me, was my old lab, from long ago.
Oh how I missed those days. Yet, what disturbed me the most,
was the vision i saw before myself down there as well... a version
of me, whom was still alive. We where shocked to see him down
there of course... as we thought all where wiped out but those
that went to fight the time-eater. Yet, there he was.... and then...
there was three more.

Out from behind the one that stood there, three more came into
existence... and before any of them could react, one of the new
three killed.... and devoured.... all others. Then vanished. It was
then we knew, what we just saw.... The birth of the Time-Eater.

But before we could say any more on the subject, i blinked, and
found myself within an ivory room.... filled with fancy and well
designed decor. And some old man, sitting in the middle of the
room, his face... covered. We talked for a time about many things,
before he confided to me that I .... me .... was the fourth and final
version of myself to ever visit this room. He told me that I was one
of the four I saw just before coming here.... and that from this point,
there are in-fact... 4 branching timelines left. Only four.

One is that of what I already have lived. Where the time-eater
devours the other three, and begins his journey of self-destruction.

One is of the Honor, that fuses peacefully with the other three... and
through a route of peace becomes the old man I was speaking to now.

One is that of nothingness... all four become stalemated, and time
never becomes created, or ended. Thus, nothing ever happens, or
ever will happen, from that point onward.

One.... forbidden yet optional, where the one that is ment to die, wins.
And then decides his own fate.... but is one that will lead into time's
birth, and eventually far greater fears and evils from other existences.

And before I could even ask who I was ment to become.... I blinked,
and there I was... before three other versions of myself. I looked upon
where I once hid with another me... and I saw my now-past-self, watching
in shock as to what will happen next.


In the end, I became the fourth timeline.

I ate the would-be time-eater, thus the current time-eater became nothing.
I fused with the the Honor, and the Nothing.... and i watched as the other
past-me's that was with me up in that other hiding spot... simply vanish,
both of them. And though I could not see it... i felt it... that old man was gone.

And there.... at Synergy ......I was the only ME left alive.


The funny thing about timelines however, is that it works hand-in-hand
with space. Anyone whom likes to believe otherwise, only does so
because they do not understand the connection. Though one can, and
does, exist without the other.... both do need the other from time to time,
just to even exist.

And so, I devoured Synergy.
And after, I used all of my will, to call upon the embodiment of time.
I begged that they take the power I had, and to offer it with the embodiment
of space, to once again kick-start time once more..... to begin it anew.
The embodiment made me his tool.... and with Space's, we created
the biggest event ever known. Even still to this day, by the brightest parts
of any multiverse, to the darkest pits of any void-filled timeline... the words
of this event rang true within the backs of the minds of all life.

The Big Bang.


....I doubt space's embodiment remembers me, or what we did together,
after all this time. But eventually after roaming the cosmos as a
time-eating void... I wanted to go back to my roots of being a scientist.
And so, I began these journal entries.

I found my way to a planet with life.... set up a laboratory between a
nearby town, and a strange portal to some other place ( that i've yet
to figure out how to use... ) , placed all my time-powers into a stopwatch
locket, and transformed my body through science into something that
wont kill myself or others....

I have obtained help for my lab, friends to enjoy, subjects to study....

I have re-discovered the joys and the pains once again of pure work.

And though I feel like a monster at times.... or perhaps a madman ....I
can not help but also feel complete. Even when I have a blade across
someone's forehead, or I am trying to calm down a robot that can fix
anything to be "better", or whatever... I feel that i finally belong.

I may not be happy.

But I feel like I belong.







*Side Note :

I do not understand why I felt the urge to write this entry for the
archives. Perhaps some sense of wanting to exist forever? Even
if its just "data", to be locked away in filed folders.

I do not expect to ever do this again. Ever.
And though I do STRONGLY feel this was a waste of time, I have
to admit that it does feel good to finally have this written down.
Perhaps due to the first reason I said as to why...
Perhaps because now that its been done, I can leave it behind
and forget it for good.

Either way, doesn't matter.

This will not happen again.



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