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Mad in pursuit A Day in the life

Paradox Prince
Community Member
Day Five
Day 5 June 16th 2014

Dear Readers,
By the time The Hangover 2 was over this day had begun. After it was over J.C gave Spoons and I a ride back to my mothers house.

Spoons went up the hill to his parents to grab his stuff like clothes and tablet and phone charger I wrote the rest of day 4's entry & went to sleep

While I was sleeping day came quickly. I turned over to face away from the window that the sun had been shining on. I noticed immediately that Spoons had gotten up and left to go see his little brother off at the ferry and go do manual labor work for J.C.
Lately I feel as if our relationship isn't as great anymore. Especially since we stopped being lazy and spending a lot of time in particular doing nothing special. We just spent all our time watching shows and playing video games all the time.

I noticed that he never seems to do things based on if he actually wants to do it or not, but on if I or Bubbles want him to. As in he makes his decisions based on how he thinks we'll judge him. When I do want him to do things because he never does anything on his own, he doesn't do them if it doesn't “serve” him or it takes some form of effort. Most of the time I want him to just learn basic roommate habits & common respects towards when you live with other people. Things like doing his own dishes, eating his own food, cleaning up after himself instead of cluttering it on every surface available, not hanging things on doors, shutting doors. Shutting cabinets. Putting the toilet seat & lid down so there isn't toilet water evaporating into the air in which I breathe when I go into the bathroom, Not leaving bits of hair on every inch of the sink after he primps.
There are other reasons, like if he asks for something he'll only ever ask one time, and then continue to use/eat whatever it is he asked if he could use/eat. One time he asked me for a meal bar and ate 16 out of box of 22 in like 5 days. 1 meal bar replaces an entire meal, he ate them like candy bars.

He's never just affectionate towards me, just to be affectionate. He always is only affectionate when he has an ulterior motive when wants something from me or sex.
If I say or do anything that isn't in his convenience, about him, or in his favor he complains about how I'm “bossy” or “an asshole” or “a b*tch”. It just makes me feel disrespected and makes me lose respect for him.
It's actually very common for Triangle Poly relationships to become a V instead.
I'm slowly trying to repair our relationship and not be too judging of him for being the way he is. But I can't seem to help it all that much.
I'm going to pulling away from the tangent and get back to the activities of my day here.

My Mother and her housemate Jay were talking and it woke me up again, this time my mother showed me a 50's halter top dress she was making with Northern Lights printed Fabric. It was really cute.
I received a call from Spoons that he and J.C want to talk to me, and I said I didn't care because I was still sleeping so Spoons said to call him when I'm actually awake.
I decided then that it's time to get up.

I woke up at 11:54 and modeled the dress for my mom so she could make the correct changes. She doesn't own a mannequin and I have a lithe build. I noticed immediately that my mid back aches when I breathe or twist weird I don't know if that's a result of the crummy mattress I slept on last night or because it's related to my ribs hurting the last several days.

I'm trying to deal with my phone again & a mod messaged me to ask for my phone number but I can't respond because there's no reply button. They also called me “jclark1975” my username is something different.

I learned that in order to respond you have to post 5 times. Anything you post has to be approved by a moderator.

Spoons and J.C came to pick me up. J.C talked about giving me a raise in commission sales. Later I listened to him discuss with Chewy and Spoons while we smoked weed , about how to go about building stairs up to his car port because he had to remove the old wooden ones that were becoming a hazard. He's replacing them with stone but the angle is bad for the size of each step and how many steps it would take to make them go up high enough.

Then I caught a ride back with J.C to my Moms place to see if the straighttalk Reps had responded to my responses yet on the forum site. They haven't. Their customer service is such trash.

I watched three and a half episodes of orange is the new Black.
During the third episode Jay gave me a banana split milkshake. I loved it. Actually I love anything sweet.

Eventually J.C texted me and asked if I wanted to play Civilization 5 with them. Which I of course accepted. then he gave me a call and I missed it and then called back. He asked if I wanted a ride & I agreed.

Then we smoked some weed and played for a little while until at some point Chewy and our friend PeeWee showed up and we hung out and they smoked a blunt with us.
And we ate the last of J.C's dinner which was fish and yams and asparagus wrapped in bacon.

Peewee and Chewy eventually mentioned going to safeway around 23:30 and I said I wanted to go with them. Spoons said he was tired after Kay said she was tired. So we democratically decided it was time to turn the night in.

I said goodbye to J.C & Kay and went with Chewy and Peewee and spoons in Chewy's car to safeway. Chewy has always been the driver of our group. I bought 2 asaigo cheese bagels & a 50 oz bottle of smartw*ter. Then they dropped spoons off at his parents place and me back to my Mothers where I showered.

With Much Love

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