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Mad in pursuit A Day in the life

Paradox Prince
Community Member
Day Two
Day 2, June 13th, Friday, 2014
Dear reader,

We played who knows how many rounds of Skeeball at the first bar. Which, I discovered I really suck at but one of the hundred pockets was broken and I was starting to figure out a good method before I ran out of quarters. My highest score was 220 the same as Kay. Bubbles won with highest score of 290 and J.C had 260.
Then we walked for a really long time until we found a bar with live music and went in. Everyone had drinks while I had water again.
I'm not actually a big fan of alcohol because I drank too much of it in my lifetime already. I just don't like the way it feels anymore and my family has a history of being allergic to alcohol or at least sulfurs used in it. The kind of allergies that give you seizures.

We left the live music bar and j-walked in front of a cab to flag it down to go back to my apartment and we smoked another before bed bowl, and chatted for a long time, and then we gave Kay and J.C bedding to sleep on in our office bedroom.

Bubbles and I retired to our room where we watched a few episodes of Legend of Korra since neither of us are caught up in book two yet. We watched episodes six seven and I think eight. This has been my favorite season. The first was okay but this season has been completely spiritually focused & that's really cool.

I fell asleep promptly where I had a really vivid dream life I don't remember but it felt like I was there for 3 years at least.

J.C interrupted the dream by knocking and saying it's time to go around 9:30 in the morning since he has work for me. I don't know what time I fell asleep but I didn't even have time to pick out clean clothes to wear.
I always feel really weird when I wake up, after feeling like I've been in a different world for years at a time. I often have dreams in real time. Sometimes it's like I've lived actual decades outside or even ahead of this one. Even if I've only slept for 4 or 6 hours. But I never age in my dreams and sometimes I can take control of them and take long weightless leaps or grow big wings and fly but those dream realities are really rare.
I can't remember what I dreamed about but it feels like one of those kinds of premonition dreams I sometimes have where I remember them the instant they happen in this reality. Because I dream so vividly I remember them easily it just takes the right trigger for me to remember them. I think that this is how most people get deja vu but don't remember their dreams well enough to realize that this is where they get it from.

I had to pack as quickly as I could because I'm a big dumb and forgot the day before. I forgot the sad 15 dollars in cash I had left after my bills and budgeting out in the notebook I left out of my bag, my 3DS charger, I grabbed the wrong tube of skin makeup and I didn't bring shampoo, conditioner, soap, extra batteries, my fruits and veggies concentrate vitamin, my iron vitamin, my vitamin c, my omega 3 vitamin, and 3 other vitamins, I forgot to grab the burrito that Bubbles said I could take. I also forgot chapstick and I'm really starting to regret that. I didn't even get to drink water before I had to go out the door to get in the car. JC is an impatient person but it's understandable since we were kind of on a time frame and we were already 30 minutes late for following it.
I just wish that I remembered to pack my vitamins. It's going to take me like a week to recover from this trip when I come home and can get my proper nutrients. Food isn't good enough to give anyone the balance of nutrients they need especially from industrially harvested food.

In the car I was sleepy so I was quiet, but I'm kind of quiet in general I don't like speaking without purpose and I'm much happier to let other people talk most of the time. I've been told a lot I'm a quiet person. It's ironic because I always say a lot when I do talk.

We were driving for 80 miles to a different town where the Ferry Terminal is located. The Time passed quickly and I slept easily because we smoked another a bowl in the car before I propped my head with my fist and slept most of the distance that way. Then we went to pick up our friend Buddy who called when we were less than 10 feet from coffee, and went to a cafe of his choosing.
I noticed in the car that I have a pain in my right side that aches really badly and it has ached all day. I don't know what it's from. My calves hurt too but that was from walking.

I had fries and a club sandwich for breakfast with hot cocoa. JC said something that concerns me because he pointed out that it sounded like Bubbles and I had did it yesterday but I don't remember at all. I have a history and habit of doing things and then having no recollection of doing them at all and sometimes Bubbles or Spoons imply I have a split personality. Maybe I do? It would have developed when I was 16 and was still taking anti-psychotics & they were crossed with anti-depressants and the result was really bad and I don't remember at all so I have to ask Bubbles if we did because I don't trust my own perception of reality enough to know.

After we ate we stopped a the store. For traveling food I bought a loaf of sourdough bread from Fred Meyers bakery along with a Starbucks Vanilla jarred coffee for on the road, banana's and a bucket of sliced strawberries. I don't really eat that much when I travel.

Then I had to do some work and pick up the package I'm personally delivering to Alaska for the private tour company I work for and buy my Ferry ticket and stuff. The reason I'm personally taking it and delivering it instead of it just being mailed is because it's the difference between 2 weeks a week if you're impossibly lucky no matter what kind of shipping you pick and 36 hours and I'm trusted to not abuse it like how most mail or delivery companies do because they want to be speedy.

I am wearing and traveling in clothes I have worn for 3 days but luckily there was an extra hour or so where we smoked another bowl and got to talk and hang out a bit. Then I got to shower at Buddy's apartment and change my socks and underwear. I'm super happy about that.

Buying my ticket there was a huge line of tourists getting their tickets checked for boarding outside, which means the ferry is crowded as sh*t and I'll probably stick to my own self.

Because I own my own company it's a tax write off to travel at all especially since someone I'm mentoring and helping start their own business is currently located where I'm going. The town is called Ketchikan. I lived there for the past 4 years until the first of January this year and I moved because I wanted to make a better life for myself and I needed to be in a better location to make my business happen. It's where my mom lives because it's convenient for her. I'll also be bringing her a gift that I got mailed for free from the company I have a contract with that allows me to market web based sales, on their parent companies exclusive brands. Stuff like Artistry (the Makeup company that sponsors and pays the scholarships earned in Miss America) or Nutrilite (the only nutrition company to harvest their own ingredients from certified organic farms)
I represent those along with partner contracts like Apple and Starbucks or REI and bunches of others. It's really neat.

I noticed I always seem to move in winter.

Because the line was so huge at the terminal and was 20 minutes to wait for at the least we went to some chocolate shop that sold Gelato and espresso and I bought an “ultimate mocha” made with Belgian chocolate, which I drank most of and chatted with Kay and J.C until we finished our drinks & stuff and then went back to the Ferry Terminal where I simply only had to walk on cause I don't carry that much crap.

It looked like the cops had found something with their drug/bomb dog because they had luggage lined up by the luggage cart on the ground and had it sniffing around. Security has been raised to Terrorist threat yellow, whatever the hell that means even though more people have been killed by cops than actual Terrorists per year, so who's actually the terrorist in this country really.

I'm actually familiar with the woman that takes ID and checks the tickets for validity because she was the wife of my high-school principal in my little nowhere hometown where I was born. She's a nice lady.

Since the trip is 36 hours long I won't get to port until Sunday morning at 7 and won't have internet until then. I'm just writing my entries in advance so it takes up less important time. I also have a couple changes of clothes that will be nice in the morning.

My phone was acting weird all day and acted like the data plan had expired even though I paid it and it's supposed to be good for another month. Since I'm actually floating through Canada right now though I don't have service because I don't have international unlimited which is 15 dollars more. I've been considering it since I go back and fourth through this trip so frequently for work until I can find something less demanding in terms of distance in Seattle for work.. Not that I've actually been putting an effort towards looking.
I hope the weird data plan issue has been resolved by the time I reach port but if not I think it's time to start looking for a new phone. I didn't expect it to be great but I at least expect it to work. It's owned by wal-mart the crappiest corporate monopoly to ever have existed.

Tangent: YOU DON'T SAVE MONEY BY SPENDING “LESS ON MORE” fyi! Don't let wal-mart or any store for that matter scam you.
You're still spending the same amount you would spend if you bought it more expensively.
For example: Let's say you buy 2 staplers at cheapy cheapskate corp in a package priced at 10 dollars.
Where as 1 stapler from Quality Depot is 10 dollars. You still spent 10 dollars. Just on something probably that breaks in 6 months so you have a handy back up how convenient! It's so convenient it's blinded you to the fact they both broke. Your back up also breaks in like 6 months. Lets say you were lucky and it lasts a whole year but then breaks so you have to go buy another. You now own 2 more staplers and you have spent 20 on 4 staplers in a year and a half. Thas 100% more than the quality depot guy. His stabler lasted like 30 years. Over the course of 30 years lets say the both staplers are always somehow broken by the end of a year and a half.
You now have spent 20 TIMES the amount the quality depot guy.
You spent 200 every year and a half.
Quality depot guy: 10 dollars. 30 years ago..

Not forgetting to mention, no one saves anything, not you, not the homeless guy, not bill gates, not the richest guy on the planet, no one. Saves, by chasing sales, like say something is 50% off and it was 4 dollars. You are NOT “saving money” by spending 2 dollars. You're spending 2 dollars Thinking you're saving by spending is the most backwards thinking anyone could ever think about money. Y
ou're spending less. But you're not saving. Actually most people buy multiples of something if it's on sale, especially if it's 50% off. So lets say you buy like 4 of those things that are 50% off now you've spent 2 dollars over what the item was originally so you end up spending more not saving more.
~End Tangent~

I have friends in my organization that have day jobs as phone companies representatives so maybe I'll ask them if they can get me a sweet deal on a phone. At this point I honestly don't mind paying more than what I have. It's pretty outdated even for a smart phone.

After I boarded the ferry I set up my travel entertainment in the after lounge at the very back of the ship on the first passenger level deck.

Ironically I borrowed a double AA battery from the guy where I showered because I was worried that my mouse would die and I forgot to bring spares but my spare keyboard died and it takes 2 triple AAA batteries. I hope that the gift shop sells batteries I'll probably pop by later to see when it's open in the morning.

I have a laptop but the esc key and the f4 and maybe f6, f7, f8, f9, f10, f11 key don't work. So it makes playing games where you need to access the quest via esc (like quest heavy games like Skyrim) or need to pause via esc really difficult.. There's also a key missing on the same row before the last key and I have no frenching idea what it was. I'm hoping my laptop will last me until I'm making more than 5 k a month from my business in bonuses.

Until then stay strong you flowery piece of sheibe.
Oh I also saw 2 deer today.

With much love,

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