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Rocky Horror Picture Show A-Z [SPOILERS]
Best movie ever!!!

Anti-matter laser - When Riff Raff shows up at the Floor Show and crashes the party, he threatens to kill Frank with a laser gun, which releases a beam of pure anti-matter. Society must be protected.

Brad - Brad Majors, a hero. Yeah, right! What kind of hero is he? He's a momma's boy. During "Don't Dream it, Be it", he says "Help me, mommy". Some hero he is. He's also an a*****e. Seriously, castles don't have phones, a*****e! Frank also ends up thinking Brad shows up at the castle with his female so they can check the layout for Dr. Scott. Paranoid, aren't we?

Columbia - A human who hangs out with the Transylvanians. Apparently, she was in a relationship with Frank at some point, before she was tossed aside for Eddie, and he for Rocky. She was drawn to Frank's pickup truck and his devil-eyes. Whatever.

Dr. Scott - Dr. Everett Scott, or should I say Dr. VONN Scott! His Science Class was the reason Brad and Janet met. It was how Betty and Ralph met also. He is Eddie's uncle and comes to the castle in search of him. Frank freaks because he thinks he works for the government in the UFO department and is afraid he is there to oust them for what they are. Dr. Scott is in a wheelchair, but can move his legs somehow, as he dances during the Floor Show.

Eddie - Half of his brain was used in the creation of Rocky. Eddie shows up in the Deep Freeze room with his motorcycle and crashes the celebration after Rocky is "born". In a jealous rage, Frank kills him, upsetting Columbia. She very nearly loved him. Eddie said he didn't like his teddy and you knew he was a no-good kid.

Frank N Furter - A Transylvanian from the planet Transsexual. He owns the castle where Brad and Janet show up at. He's pretty much a mad scientist of sorts, because he is creating a man with blond hair and a tan - most likely to be his lover. Yeah, his name's Rocky Horror. Frank manages to seduce both Janet and Brad while they are staying at his castle. He's also a transvestite.

Groupie - Pretty much what Columbia is.

Hapschatt - Betty and Ralph, friends of Brad's. I hate to say it, but the two of them don't last long together. Watch Shock Treatment and tell me otherwise.

I'm Going Home - The song that Franks sings when he thinks he is going back to Transylvania with Riff Raff and Magenta. The song is really beautiful and kind of sad.

Janet - Janet Weiss, a heroine. Yeah, not really. She's a slut. She sleeps with Rocky! She runs to Rocky when she's scared, instead of her fiancé, Brad. Dammit Janet!

Killer - Riff Raff! Yep. He turns the tide in the end and ends up killing Frank (which was good, because he was really mean to Riff Raff), Columbia, and Rocky. Well, actually I think Rocky killed himself while he was trying to protect Frank.

Lovers - Riff Raff and Magenta. They're also brother and sister. I do not care that it's incest. I love the two of them together!

Magenta - A domestic. She is, of course, Riff Raff's younger sister. There's only a two year difference between them. She lets everyone know that dinner is ready, with a loud gong. She also gets to activate the Medusa ray, and she does it with such enthusiasm!

No neck - The Criminologist. THE MAN HAS NO NECK WHATSOEVER!

Over at the Frankenstein Place - The song that is sung as Brad and Janet are wandering around in the rain. They spot a castle with a light on and are filled with hope. So, they go towards it. I love Richard O'Brien's (Riff Raff) part so much, because I love his voice so much! Anyway, in the original play, Brad had a verse, but it got cut from the movie version.

Planet Schmanet Janet - After Janet runs to Rocky, Frank flips and chases Janet through the castle, with Dr. Scott and Brad trailing them. The song is otherwise known as "Wise Up Janet Weiss". Apparently her apple pie doesn't taste too nice.

Questionable dinner - So, dinner is served and it's also a celebration of Rocky's birthday. Everyone starts chowing down and then Dr. Scott mentions Eddie, causing Columbia to perk up. She gets threatened by Frank with the electric meat carver and then Frank says "That's a rather tender subject, isn't I?" Everyone looks down at their food, and they realized that they're eating Eddie. After the song "Eddie's Teddy", Frank pulls the curtain off the table to reveal Eddie's decaying body. They did in fact eat Eddie for dinner. I wonder who's idea that was?

Riff Raff - The handyman. He is so much more than that! He is very underappreciated. Frank treats him so bad. It's a damn good thing that he gets his revenge in the end. Riff Raff is probably Frank's right hand man. He gets to activate the Sonic Oscillator. Uh, he is not a hunch-back! He was faking the whole time, to make himself seem weaker, so that Frank would not see his coup coming. During his outburst at the end, when he says that they never liked him, you can see he's crying. It's so sad. Plus, I happen to think Richard O'Brien is extremely cute!

Science Fiction Double Feature - The opening song to the movie, and one of the best songs I have ever heard! Patricia Quinn's lips "sing" the song, although it's actually Richard O'Brien's beautiful voice. When Richard O'Brien played the song for Patricia Quinn, she thought it was the most beautiful song she had ever heard. Jim Sharman (director) thought it was amazing as well. The song references many classic Science Fiction movie, which were the basis for the movie in the first place.

Transylvanians - The group of people who dance to the Time Warp when Brad and Janet are kicked into the ballroom by Riff Raff and Magenta (Seriously! They're kicked in. Watch it for yourself). They also stare at Frank in admiration when he reveals Rocky. One of the Transylvanians even knocks the head off a statue in the lab! And it stays like that!

Under-clothes - Brad and Janet are pretty much in their underclothes for a better portion of the movie.

Vice - Janet's last name is not pronounced that way, but Brad (being the a*****e that he is) pronounces it "Vice" while introducing her to Frank. She corrects him. I mean, he's her fiancé! He should not be pronouncing her name wrong.

Wedding - Ralph and Betty's wedding is where the movie starts.

Xenial - A word meaning hospitality, which they are apparently not shown. Frank is definitely showing them hospitality. He is letting them stay at his castle over night. I mean, he's hospitable.

Yearly convention - The Transylvanians are over at Frank's place because he is hosting the Annual Transylvanian Convention.

Zero - Brad is not a "hero" but a "zero". Enough said.

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