This journal has always served as a place where I throw up all the things I'm feeling. Thank you so much to all of my friends and family who have ever supported me, comforted me, or pushed me forward. I am so grateful for everything that has been done for me.

I decided long ago that I would abandon resentment. It's not as easy as that, but I don't need it. There is no point in hating anyone. Hate the values, hate the system, hate the morality but don't hate the person...I don't want to make myself bitter. Hate should drive you forward, it should propel you towards a goal to make a change and make a better world and a better life. If not, hate is serving you absolutely no purpose (even hate for yourself).

When I look back through this archive all I see is stress upon stress and my inner turmoil. I will always have ups and downs, that's a part of life. But I appreciate the stability I've gained in recent years and I hope to always tread forward, never backward. I will never stop fighting for the betterment of my loved ones, myself, and my planet and her people.

I am so thankful for my life and for the wonderful people in it. gaia_diamond