This is where I shall archive my half-finished writings and for the ones that I cannot seem to complete, or feel that more could be added on to. Enjoy.

It has left, this night of sleep,
This crust cemented on my eyes.
This moment, I could not keep;
The light shone then
(for the Sun is never late).
It waited
for no one like Time which
fled at a continuous rate.
Through gaps, light did seep
from window to curtain
to my encrusted eyes.


From shallow graves of earthly foes
To densely built tombs, keeping kings of old
Where bodies no longer live, where blood no longer flows
All shall return whence they came.
Flesh shall stiffen in a world so profane
Then shall be eaten, falling away
Leaving nothing but muddied bones
Now petrified and as cold as stones.