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Lily Box
User ImageHey all! It's Lucky (le duh) here to serve up another yummy thought in my journal, the Luckigiri Bento Box! Hope your hungry, because this one is about my FAVORITE OC ever! Lillianne Parks. Well, just Lily...
Lily: "Oh, hey you guys! I'm Lily. I live at the Four Colors Cafe. It's a great place ya know. Comic books, coffee and even rooms.... Wait, what do you mean that isn't a normal cafe? ............. It is in Gaia... Oh yeah! I'm a magical girl of Memory along with my good friends Nico Harris and Hope Weston. Those two are great best friends, but I've known Natalie Pierce and Molly May much longer from the cafe. Oh yeah, I also really like Concrow Goka. You know, the shy and adorable guy with the creepy three headed dog thing? ......... No, not that kind of like. Goodness... Umm well, I- wait, my age? That's a bit complicated... Well, in this life I'm 17. I should also mention that I used to be cursed to be reborn over and over again because of what happened a few thousand years ago."
You aren't explaining properly Lily. You see, Lily was originally a human a loooooong time ago in a kingdom run by a tyrannical princess. Stuff happened (watch the Story of Evil). She and the others were to be forever reborn. In her current life, she was an android. More stuff happened, her secret clone, Lucky took her spot as the Vocaloid Lily, and she became a human due to becoming a magical girl. And NO, Lucky is not me (Lucky Pink Wings)...
Lily: "Riiiiiiight... Okay, well yeah, all that is true. Anyways, I have the power of Light and Music. Yes, that sounds pathetic, but it sure isn't when you have a GLAIVE to fight with! Be afraid. Ahhhh what am I forgetting? Errr well, I guess I should mention that I still love to sing even though I'm not a famous Vocaloid anymore. So, to change that, I auditioned for Starlight Academy which is a real fancy high tech place for future Idols. I don't like being called an Idol though. Anyways, they gave me a stage name and cool costumes. So, when performing, my name is Ichigo Hoshimiya and I wear special cute outfits from a place called Angely Sugar. It's sooooo cute! Oh, and I'm currently in a singing unit called Soleile along with my friends Aoi and Ran (those are their stage names)."
Is that all Lily?
Lily: "Yeah I think that's about everything."
Well alright! Thanks for reading everyone. See ya next time.
Lily: "Bye guys! Come visit me sometime in TFC Cafe!"

Akari Arima
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