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stockholm fairy
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Pokémon Fanfiction
Chapter 1-Gligar

One day ash and his gang were wandering
Through a vast wood. pikachu looked over to find a wounded gligar, painfully weeping in a bush. May rushed over, concerned about its safety she quickly grabbed a first aid kit and tended to it. they dashed to the nearest Pokémon center, Nurse Joy examined gligar, carefully tending to its wound "It should be out in no time!" she said, well, joyfully. one day later they revisited the Pokémon center, to find that gligar was doing great! they proceeded on with their adventure with gligar.

Chapter 2-The forest

As they wandered on through the woods, the night became darker and darker. Brock exclaimed "well we'd better rest here for the night." Ash and May both agreed. They set up camp and drifted off to sleep. Pikachu heard a noise, a very loud noise and it woke up gligar too. they both looked at each other and wandered off into the forest. they heard loud rumbling, they walked further until they saw a herd of tauros rampaging their way, gligar shrieked as he tried to fly up to the trees but his wound was unbearable he just couldn't fly at the moment. Pikachu rushed up a tree, grabbing gligar's tail they safely roosted up on the tree. the herd was gone so they decided to head back to camp, figuring the loud noise they heard earlier was just the tauros.

Chapter 3-The stories

They awoke the next morning, feeling wonderful and refreshed, they wandered on to the next town. They visited the Pokémon center talking to citizens about the towns history, most of them answered with stories of strange noises that disturb Pokémon at night, gligar and pikachu stared at each other, most likely thinking the same thing. later that night they checked in to a hotel. Everyone fell asleep, but pikachu and gligar could not. They were up all night thinking about those noises.

Chapter 4-Ash's pokédex

That morning they set off. Whilst heading out of the woods to an open plain, Ash exclaimed "Oh no! I forgot my Pokédex at the hotel!" They hurried back. while in the hotel, Ash Searched their room for the pokédex, when something fell out of his pocket. His pokédex, feeling embarrassed he wedged it underneath his pillow. Brock said "still can't find it, huh." Ash said "let me try the pillow." pretending to be surprised he said "I found it guys! It was under my pillow!". After "Finding" his Dex, they ventured off. After about midway through the woods they stopped to rest May suggested " This looks like a good spot!" They set up camp, and rested.

Chapter 5-The legendary dog

Everyone slept peacefully, but gligar was awoken by the same sound as a couple nights before. He rushed over to Pikachu, waking him up to come into the woods with him. They wandered further until they heard a loud roar, Gligar jumped back, shocked at the volume of the sound. They ventured forth, the roars getting louder and louder. Then. They saw it, Gligar looked shocked, although pikachu had seen this Pokemon before. It was the great dog Entei, trapped in a net with the logo "R". Pikachu rushed over, cutting the net with Iron Tail, Gligar on the other side, using X scissor. They released Entei, grateful as he was, he motioned for them to climb on his back. He jumped across trees, leading them to a beautiful sight. A giant waterfall, inhabited by many Pokémon. he lead them to a small cave halfway up the mountain. they jumped off, watching the woods and all the Pokémon from the cave. before they could turn around, Entei was gone, Nowhere in sight. They stared for hours until they headed back to camp. The next morning Ash awoke "How was your night Pikachu?" Pikachu look over at gligar and said " Pika".

The End

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